Official Android 9.0 Pie Discussion Thread

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With Pie hitting most phones, we want to hear your feedback and we’ve made an Official Discussion Thread to make the most of the update. Start by checking out our Android 9.0 Pie software overview for some interesting info on the latest OS! Still have questions, thoughts, or feedback? Reply below and tell us what’s on your mind. Thanks!

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Well, yet to hit my Note 9. I just hope after so much of testing and etc for which you folks are taking so long, the release software is not a trash one. I personally like Pie a lot as I have used PIE in my unlocked S9+ since Samsung opened UI BETA. It is truly beautiful. But after reading all the horror stories from T-Mo S9+ PIE update, I am not keeping much hope alive for Note 9 PIE update from T-mobile. I seriously have started to doubt my own belief that T-mo will release great software after almost 2 weeks (and counting) of testing.

Most phones 🙂? Still waiting for Note 9 Pie, when will it hit it?

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I totally hear ya @debjitjdv  about wanting to have a solid OS update. This thread is to collect feedback and talk about the update after folks get it. So thanks for posting and keep this thread in your pocket.

@bt07 we've had quite a few folks ask about Note9 getting pie and the answer I've gotten is it'll be available for the Note earlier next month. You'll wanna keep an eye out for the OTA notification as it'll be sent out in waves for that device. Good question.

Please , just tell me the release date for note 9 pie update .

Tmobile should announce the date for a customer who are waiting for an update .

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So far not one single issue with the update on a Motorola X4 or OnePlus 6T.

Not sure why everyone with a Samsung is having issues.

Now you're just rubbing it in our faces. Have you looked at the update page lately? There are 2 phones listed as complete and you have the gall to say most phones.

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Well, that is probably currently the number 1 used Android phone on the network, so that would qualify as most I think.

Im liking it on my S9+. Its great! Excited to get it on my Note 9!

As far as any bugs found or anything? Nothing! Runs, very smoothly! Good job you guys! Also excited to get that bixby remapping feature as well for both phones!

I cant think of anything.. well there is one thing.

When you turn on the navigation buttons and you have those 3 little bars on the bottom. You are able to drag yojr finger from the home button to the right to scroll vetween recently open apps. Well when you turn it off and those bars dissapear. You are not able to do that. Now, idk if its just me but i kinda like that. I dont think that its a bug but just feedback on it. :-)

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@magenta7640778  we normally don't post the exact date as there can be changes to this depending on additional testing. The last call I brought this topic up and the Note9 is still on track for early March release. Appreciate the patience and please stay tuned.

@snn555 always appreciate your feedback. Glad to hear Pie is working out for you!

@magentachilly I've totally checked out the pages and I know Pie is only complete for a few devices. The others on that page will be getting it. This thread is here to share thoughts and feedback about it once folks get Pie in their hands. Thanks for the reply.

That's awesome @adam1988 ! Glad it's so smooth for you! That's also an interesting find. Let me make sure I'm on the same page. So, when you turn off your nav buttons, you don't have the option to scroll through recently opened apps? If you can post a screenshot, I'd really like to get a visual of what you're talking about. Thanks for posting.

The reason is 6T and X4 uses near stock Android without much modifying it. But Samsung's own heavy customization (such as One UI) in addition to T-Mo customization (such as Multi-line settings) make the software heavy. The average size of 6T factory image is 1.6GB whereas for Samsung it is upwards of 3.4GB. At such a huge size, no amount of testing can ensure a flaw-free software. Inadvertently there will be bugs. It is an engineering issue. And even if T-Mo claims that they will give us a solid software update, I would say it would be a very ambitious claim.

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I couldn't comment on Tmos process and QC.

Moto is near stock, but still uses some of its own versions of stock apps.  1+ has Oxygen OS on top. 

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I will say that with more options comes more confusion.

Battery control used to be a simple Battery Saver mode.  Now it has Adaptive Battery and Optimization, Deep Sleep and Deep App Clear, Standby Sleep and Normal App Clear.

And then each OE has a different name or method of implementing.

"With Pie hitting most phones", you seriously lead the thread with this statement?  If you want to start off the conversation honestly then do so by qualifying "most" being number of new phones on network and NOT implying that it is hitting most phones that are in the Pie road map.  It's disingenuous to kick off a discussion about an update that some of us MIGHT see around the time Pie hit's a year old by implying it's hit a larger swath of phones than it actually has.

Oxygen OS is near stock as well and most of it is lightweight. It is no where near the customization that Samsung does on top of stock Android. Also, 6T software is free from many bloatwares as explicitly denied to put them in. I have T-Mo version 6T.

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Outside of the waiting for updates from T-Mobile versus the international version and their own apps like messaging, phone app, contacts, gallery, and things like that as well as the other features not found in other handsets by other manufacturers and also given its theming and personalization options, yeah it's pretty close to stock.

I've been using Pie since the OTA was available.

So far I have not experienced any problems.

I do like the most recently used apps populating at the bottom of the screen when selecting the "Recent Apps" soft button.

I do know of some people that have had some problems after the update that were resolved by performing "Reset Network Settings."

It's a shame that pie was launched in August 2018 and we haven't got it so far. I guess this is one downside of cheaper T mobile service. Oh well, craving for some pie. Hitting the gorcery store....

Its on my S9+ which is at home. Im at work on my Note 9. Ill have that screen shot later tonight. :-)

Yes you are correct though. I dont think its a bug at all. But just giving you feedback. :-)

Any update on Android P for Note 9? Today is Feb 28.

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That's great news @vhernan43 ! Thanks for sharing! That's totally some good news that other folks can use if they run into issues. 😊

Could be just a change in how the phone works @adam1988 . Still, it would be interesting to see it as well as show other folks here who may come across the same thing.

@magenta7841981  I mentioned this a bit earlier in the thread but we're on track for early next month. We'll update our content when the status has changed and the update will gradually hit Note devices in waves.

You know what ? Mr tmo Mike c?

You ve post on other reply that the pie is going to release middle of feburary,  and other posted reply you said the pie is going to release on middle of March.

Now you are saying early of next month?

You are liar. I think , you dont know the issue .

Dont reply , unless you are not sure ok?

So , how early next month?

Next week? 2weeks later ? 3weeks later ?

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this would be a general reply to everyone wanting to know exactly when the update is going to arrive. No one is going to tell you a definite date. There's no use in asking. Just follow the updates page. You'll probably know faster by doing a update check rather than waiting for the T-Mobile software updates page to be updated.


No one knows frankly. It will be released when the so-called rigorous testing (yet battery draining trash software) is done. And frankly, we don't know what that rigorous testing consists of. It just might be a fresh install on a Note 9 and someone using it for a few days here and there in Seattle, DC etc and checking if he/she is losing signal or not. Or it could be a very strict lab-grade test (which I doubt). So keep on refreshing your Software Update tab in your Note 9 once a day. If we are lucky and the world does not end before that, we will eventually get it.