Official Samsung Galaxy Fold Discussion Thread

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T-Mobile will be offering Samsung Galaxy Fold on April 26! Have questions? Check out our blog!

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Just registered for the pre-order!!

Just one question, how many card slots will it have? I know the Chinese version would have 2 of them... eSIM is not supported in where I am right now, dual-SIM would be very helpful...

There is only one thing holding me back. This is a 4g version of the phone. A 5g version of the Fold is coming out in South Korea next month (and to the US soon after).  I cannot see spending $2000 on a 4g phone that will be immediately outdated. I am going to wait unless someone can convince me otherwise. I really cannot understand why they would bring out such a great forward-thinkging phone in 4g when 5g connectivity is around the corner and backwards compatible.

It will not be immediately outdated if you go with 4g. The fold will probably be on it's end of life by the time 5G is out and working in any amount, Two years, maybe 3. By then the standard will probably have been updated or modified. Worrying about 5g right now is like not buying a 4k TV because Samsung is now selling 8k.

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@steveckong good question. I'm not seeing anything anything about it having multiple memory card slots, just one.

You brought up a good thought about 5G @shelbyfan . If folks are interested in our 5G vision, please check out that link for what we see and how this'll impact folks.

So where is the Eip pricing?

What’s the eip pricing?

Probably 1100 down payment. This thing is stupid expensive. I can't imagine many people will buy this because of that.

So is the phone just not coming to T-Mobile? I've gone every 2 weeks to a T-Mobile since April 26th (2019)... All of them say it's not out or anytime soon. And they're confused whenever I show them this web page (On their official website) that STILL says April 26.