One plus 6 compatibility.


I am going to assume the answer is yes, but can anyone confirm that this phone will be compatible with t-mobiles network as long as it has the following bands?  I pulled this from their site.



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T-Mobile uses bands 2,4,12,66,71. It will be compatible with the basic functionality of the T-Mobile network, and probably VoLTE, but obviously WiFi Calling/Texting won't work.


That's what I was thinking, though I did see where people could do wifi calling on the previous model.  Just wanted to make sure that this phone has the right bands for the new spectrum they're rolling out.

Actually OnePlus devices typically do work with Wifi calling. My sister in-law has a 3T and wifi calling works.

I haven't seen the announced bands yet, but my concern would be band 71.  It's not a deal breaker, but having that band would helpful in the future.


I pulled the bands from oneplus website, which pulled it from wikipedia.  But if they're stating the correct bands 71 should be included.  Still trying to find out for certain though.  Wish T-Mobile hopped on board with them as far as carrying the phone, heard they were talking with carriers earlier in the year.

I have a Oneplus 6 and VoWIFI Works great. Just a FYI T-Mobile does slow your connections and area of use due to it not being one of their phones. It goes under the BYOD  Range.


Got rid of the phone about 3 weeks ago,. Just wasn't happy with it.  Got a note 8 instead so much better.

What do you mean by BYOD Range?  I've never used a T-Mobile branded device and never seen any reduced speeds on my connection because of it.

I read in an article that the Oneplus 6 has the 600mhz band 71 which is the new Tmo band. I am getting the phone this week and can report back how it does on Tmo network...

I don't know about slowing my speed because I'm using an unlocked phone like Sony xz2 or Oneplus6, etc.

Maybe we could get someone from Tmo to chime in here... Does Tmo slow down any voice or data speeds on an unbranded phone on Tmo network?

like for example would Tmo slow down a OnePlus 6 ?? for any reason other than the APN setting is not right?

I guess the Correct Question is - Is the OnePlus 6 Approved for Tmo network? (I guess by Tmo) - Is it?


It works on the network I had the phone, was getting great speeds on it.  But I returned the phone.

My family had different OP phones n had not encountered any problems with Tmo network as well as overseas. Just got my OP6 after having OP2 for awhile. Just read that tmo might introduce OP6T late this year.

Yes that is such Good news, thanks for letting us know this. Yay TMobile!

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Yes the OnePlus 6 does work on the T-Mobile network and the call Quality in my opinion is excellent! and the OnePlus 6 does have the new 600 megahertz band the T-Mobile is rolling out Nationwide... Yay T-Mobile!

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Yeah word is its going to be available in October.   Hopefully they fix the vibration, and fingerprint sensor.

And the screen flicker when in outside daylight flashes the screen.

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That was fixed with the latest release.  I received it about 3 days ago.  If you haven't received it, check for updates on your phone, it's available.

ha, I just returned mine to Oneplus

same here I returned mine too, due to screen flicker when taking it outside... and no wireless charging - which is supposed to be changing on the 6T model coming (hopefully) to Tmo soon. I'll buy one just to support the insight of Tmo to add it as a Carrier exclusive - maybe we'll get some free stuff??? Being an early adopter...  What do you think Tmo? a Pink Oneplus 6T

Guys I'm from Minnesota and took a trip to the other side of Wisconsin this weekend with my family.  I have a OnePlus 6 and my Wife has an Iphone 7.  Basically the OnePlus 6 has all the current bands for T-Mobile, and the Iphone 7 is missing two of the latest bands.  I did not have data for a 1/3 of my journey through the state to Door County our destination.  I did have data in Greenbay.  Basically by looking at the LTE coverage map, I should have data 90+% of my trip and this was not the case.  My Wife seemed to have data with sketchy spots here and there to be expected as she is missing two of the frequency bands.   Still far better than my phone the OnePlus 6.  I do not believe T-Mobile limits BYOD, I have to read through this here to make sure of that:  BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings  When I look at these settings on my OnePlus 6 it seems to differ here:

  • APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  • APN roaming protocol: IPv4/IPv6 or IPv4 only when roaming internationally

I am set at this:

  • APN Protocol: IPv6
  • APN roaming protocol: IPv4

I'm thinking I need to change my settings to IPv4/IPv6 on each of these settings.  Anyone else think of a better idea?

I'm 99.9% they do now .I have a op6 works great EXCEPT I've been to  a particular hospital 2 times in 7 days. On the way there in then Uber works great .at the hospital I'm connected to lte + BUT have no data .calls work .Data works. Tried everything to get data back, called TMobile 4 times and still they say all is good. The ONLY explanation is that they are throttling my OnePlus for being byod .FYI my wife's iPhone 7 plus was connected and working the e tire time. Damn you TMobile .Gonna make me get rid of this beauty op6 red.

Interesting, that phone has their new 600mhz band too...

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Yeah I'm back here at the hospital again today and same story. Lte is connected but there is an exclamation point . I have no data right now .my wife's 7 plus cruising along .needless to say I just ordered a iPhone 8 plus, wish I could just leave TMobile now after seeing this straight up BS