One way audio on Android 11

  • 29 October 2021
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I have a Pixel 4a 5G (bought through TMobile) with wifi calling enabled (prefer wifi).  Sometimes, I cannot hear audio from incoming callers, but they can hear me.  If I disable wifi (forcing the call to cellular) the audio problem is fixed and I can communicate.  Once audio is working on a call, I can re-enable wifi and audio continues working.

Multiple people are having this problem, both with Android 11 and now with Android 12.  See this bug:

Most of the reports are from people with T-Mobile service.


4 replies

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This happens sometimes on non-Pixel phones, too.


I have an S20FE that exhibits this on wifi - also dropped calls - but is fine on cell network making the same call from the same place.

Sometimes it takes a wifi off/on to force the connection to be re-established “cleanly” and every once in a while a reset of the phone is what gets back to good.

Out of curiosity - is there anything you have observed about this behavior:

  • What percentage of the time do you experience this?
  • Is it always after the phone has been on a certain amount of time?
  • Does turning wifi off then on again get you back to a normal call via wifi?
  • Does a restart clear it (return you to consistently acceptable wifi calling)?

If I am on a call with one way audio, turning off wifi during the call fixes the audio.  Once audio is working, I can turn wifi back on and the call continues properly.  Restarting the phone has seemed to fix the issue, at least temporarily.

My phone just upgraded to Android 12, and I have not yet experienced the issue since the upgrade.  Knock on wood.


One week with Android 12, and I have not had the one way audio issue.  If it is not fixed, it is at least occurring less often now.



So, after three weeks of Android 12 happiness (for this issue), I got hit.  In this case, the WiFi was at an airport and I had bluetooth earbuds in use.  As usual, the caller could hear me, but I could not hear them.  With A11, I used to hit the problem almost daily, so it seems improved if not actually fixed.