OnePlus 6T June security update

  • 2 July 2020
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Just curious as to why I’m not getting this update on my device.  T-Mobile updates for this device have always come thru when they are released.  This was released on June 22 and checking for an update gives the good ole “Your system is up to date”.  I get that these are phased and pushed out in stages but as I stated previously, updates for this device have been pushed to it the day of release.

1 reply

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The 6T is getting close to it’s support window end.  Updates for OnePlus devices usually tailor off to once every couple of months after the first 6 months of the device being released.  After that first year is out of the way, expecting updates closer to an every 3-4 month window until support ends for that device.  Security updates from Google are different than updates for your device.  Google has yet to deliver on their promise to deliver monthly security updates to Android devices through the PlayStore, so these updates are still included in device updates, when those device updates happen.  

Looking at the T-Mobile page, there is an update dated June 22nd 2020.

A small amount of updates get pushed in the first couple of weeks to prevent major bugs from becoming widely spread.  With most OnePlus devices, the last couple of updates have been absolutely horrible, whether T-Mobile branded or the North America unlocked edition.  It has been 9 days since that update is dated.  I would expect you will receive your update, if the update doesn’t get pulled, after a couple of more weeks.  Most users will receive an update around the 3 week mark after it has been released.