OnePlus 6T Update Delays

  • 15 November 2018
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Has there been any word on when Community-1 will start to roll out updates for the Community-2947?

Out of the box, the device was already an update behind its unlocked counterpart, and OnePlus has rolled out two more OTA updates since the launch, putting us 3 updates behind after only two weeks. T-Mobile's Software Updates page shows no updates in progress for any device, let alone the 6T, and both OnePlus and T-Mobile have been reluctant to say exactly how much of a delay we can expect.

14 days in, the 6T is still missing half of the features advertised at the product launch. No Navigation Gestures 2.0, No short press of the power button for Google Assistant, no Studio Lighting, and Screen Unlock fingerprint reader is slow and unreliable at best, just to name a few things that Oneplus had already added/fixed at launch for their unlocked devices.

I can come to terms with not being on the bleeding edge anymore (I upgraded from a Oneplus 5T on the Beta channel), but I at least want to know when I can hope to see the software experience I expected at launch.


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Yes I'm waiting for my updates too  from T-Mobile about the OnePlus 6t when I called about that they hesitate about answering the question they said check on the page of updates what's available then they send me to advance person talking about the situation about the updates not there yet they said we'll get back to me about it when I talk to OnePlus.

PS no word yet!

I contacted John Legere directly by email about a week ago and a Senior Specialist from his team told me they don't have an ETA. Sucks, I know.

This is rather poor showing of support from a company who prides itself in being the "uncarrier"  Maybe their next uncarrier movement should be faster updates for phones.

Yeah, this is quite depressing. Should have just purchased the phone directly through OnePlus....

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For sure should have purchased from OnePlus.  The only saving grace with this mess of not updating phones is the $300 for a worthless Nexus 6.  That makes dealing with non updates from an uncarrier a little easier to deal with.

I get that it's only been two weeks, who knows how much longer the wait will be though.  We are missing some nice tweaks to the software since it's release. 

Us guys at XDA don't wait for carrier .I'm running the latest 9.0.5 on my TMobile OnePlus 6t and typing this reply!

what's the purpose of a quote we just want our phones to work correctly with TMobile should put out a date soon as they can not waiting too long when they find out there's a tissue with a software in these phones.

What doesn't work correctly? It's working fine. You WANT the update..

Check for update I just got one

Perfect timing, currently updating as we speak.

Thank you, T-Mobile! Keep it up!

Yep, got my update yesterday!  Thanks Tmo for not waiting any longer. 😊

Thank you T-Mobile for pushing the update.

This is not the latest update the unlocked one is on 9.0.5 and we are still on 9.0. That is not good considering that this is their 3 update

It's actually unfair to not hear anything about these updates. It's like our money for the phone was on time, but now we have to be left in the dark for updates? How is that fair? Still waiting for half the features that sold me on the phone.

Come on T-Mobile. What is taking so long. U charge and keep me on ur contract cause of the phone. OnePlus 6t got the update a couple weeks ago. Hurry up T-Mobile put out this update.

I had a Nexus 6 they were slow then for updates and they're slow now for this device

Returning mine today. Had no idea I wouldn't get software updates

Make sure that there is no penalty for returning the device

Going to use my jump on demand. I still can't find anywhere on the site that the OnePlus wouldn't get updates. Wish I would have known that.

You forgot to mention that the airplane mode take-off and landing animation shown in the launch is also still unavailable in T-Mobile's Oxygen 9.0.1.

Hi! I have a question?

Where is the December update for my Oneplus 6t?

Some said they got it already?

Is it State specific?

I live here in NJ?

Any updates?


I have unlocked sim so I am on 9.0.7   every thing is working now.

You suck t-mobile

Disappointed. I have had one update on my OP6T from 9.0 to 9.0.1 since first purchasing the device on December 14. There are critical issues with this current software, namely poor RAM management - on a device with 8GB of RAM; Bluetooth connectivity problems with devices that have already been paired; apps close or crash sporadically, on their own, without user interaction - part of the RAM issue, I presume; poor fingerprint recognition, and I could go on.

The frustrating element to all of this is that T-Mobile made sure their firmware is so exclusive to its branded device, hence users cannot avail themselves of 9.0.5, 9.0.7, nor 9.0.10 firmware, which may likely resolve some issues - the latter firmware is the current stable version available via the OP website.

I want to see T-Mobile do better and live up to its self-posturing reputation as the carrier that delivers better products, services, and updates to its loyal consumer base.

December is over and not one single security update. Is this what one might expect from the new year as well or can  OP6T owners count on timely updates? If there is no definitive answer to this question, I am considering returning this device and placing my device purchasing power in the hands of more competent dealers.