OnePlus 7 / 7 Pro Oxygen OS 10 Update

When will One Plus receive the software update? From your website it does not look it is eben in line to be tested. Everyone else in the world will receive it except T Mobile customers.




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I think it needs to be in the development phase first.  So I would expect it to take a little while.

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There isn't even a finalized version for the International models yet.  The current stable build is full of issues and broken features.  Once OnePlus gets those builds working fully, then they will get around to the T-Mobile firmware. 

There is a stable version out for the 7 Pro international. Since the 21st.

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They are still on Beta according to what I last saw in the OnePlus community. The International has had a stable build for awhile. I am not in the FUT programa, but I do read the OnePlus community occasionally. From what I saw, they are having problems with lag on the Beta build. It will probably be a few weeks

The international has the stable already pushed out. I am in the US and

already had the stable build pushed to my OP 7 Pro I purchased directly

from them.

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That so called stable build is full of bugs and broken things!  That build has a limited push to minimize the I pack of it.  An actual final build will not be pushed to all devices running the Internatiinal firmware until mid October.

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Maybe he meant late October or November for the T+Mobile variant? Maybe


@syaoran it is completely stable. The only thing that wouldn't be stable is

apps that have yet to make a 10 compatible version. Stop being a jealous


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Are you running it or have you tried it?  XDA is full of people reporting issues, even after a full wipe.  Bluetooth connectivity issues, lag when returning to the Home Screen, NFC issues, the camera software is definitely a downgrade for photo quality, Dolby Atmos is broken, and there are plenty more.  The base of the build might be stable but the build is not fit for a full release and I highly doubt OnePlus is going to push it to all International firmware devices.  The next build should be a major improvement. 

Most of those issues are from rooted users (like me) who are coming from

the beta that are not following instructions by fully wiping their device

by updating through the normal process. They are taking the update ZIP and

flashing through TWRP recovery and that will make connectivity issues

including LTE and all data and almost everything else. For those who

installed the update properly, everything has been working perfectly. The

only thing that isn't ready yet is the developer option of forcing dark

mode throughout ALL apps, because not all apps are finished yet. So it

forces apps to show what they have so far for dark mode. Which for apps

like Facebook and telegram, they have the base dark mode down, but not

everything, so it is still showing white chat bubbles with white text. But

that is literally the only issue I have had so far with the stable build of

Android 10, which, again, is by no fault of the actual update, only app


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I haven't rooted my devices or bothered with TWRP since the Nexus 6P and I had Bluetooth connection issues with the after market stereo in my girlfriend's Nissan Frontier and with my Echo Auto that I don't have on the 9.5.11 International firmware.  When I was running it, I did sideload the update using the Local Upgrade option and did a full factory reset afterwards.  Game mode had some issues, not that you have to use it.  The Home Screen lag when returning to the Home Screen I also had.  It wasn't bad but there is a second or so of lag for some reason.  I ended up flashing back to 9.5.11 last night. 

Yeah, the dark forced theming is definitely incomplete and doesn't work with a lot of apps but I think that will be one of the issues that will be around for a while. 


T-Mobile has no plans to release an OTA update to Android 10 for the OnePlus 7 Pro. The update must be flashed in Qualcomm EDL mode.

Just curious, but do you have a source you could share for that?

I do recommend all T-Mobile branded OnePlus 7 pro users to request a Sim

unlock from T-Mobile that way you can unlock the bootloader and flash the

international zip. Probably even just using the FASTBOOT zip file will

work. But bootloader needs to be unlocked. And you'll get the normal

international updated after that.

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Of course they don't, because T-Mobile has very little to do with the updates.  The updates come from OnePlus, not T-Mobile!  Currently, the FUT program, which anyone can sign up for on the OnePlus forums for the T-Mobile GM1915, to receive beta and alpha future updates for the device and provide feedback directly to OnePlus. 

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I can tell you that the bootloader does not have to be unlocked to convert the device!  I have converted a few for friends and doing it properly using the MSM Tool, you do not need TWRP, fastboot, or an unlocked bootloader to convert the device!  You actually don't even need the SIM unlock unless you plan on using the second SIM slot or using another carrier's SIM, or unless you want to unlock the bootloader. 

T-mobile takes OnePlus's update and puts their touch on it.  So it's not like tmobile doesn't have any say in it.

My laptop just died, and I don't think I'm buying a new one, because I don't really need a personal laptop.  There really isn't a way for me to flash the intl version.

Oh nice!!! I tried getting my device into that state but couldn't do it

right apparently lol. But got it there on accident when going from dev

preview to open beta somehow. But that's good to know!!!

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We don't have any info about this device getting that update. If that changes, we'll update our online resources.

Is it likely to not get the update as tmobile will no longer sell the phone?

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No they will get it. The Beta is already in testing. It is just weird that

they are out of the OnePlus 7 Pro and are replacing it with the 7T instead

of the 7T Pro

In testing at Tmo?  It doesn't show on the list.

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FUT isn't taking anyone new, just the 100 lucky people

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The list is really outdated, if you notice