OnePlus 7 / 7 Pro Oxygen OS 10 Update

When will One Plus receive the software update? From your website it does not look it is eben in line to be tested. Everyone else in the world will receive it except T Mobile customers.




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Factory image for OnePlus 7 Pro's Android 10 update now available

For those not wanting to download a 3rd party version and go through the trouble of having a custom ROM, here is the official build and update instructions from OnePlus. It's way easier and once downloaded only take a few clicks to set up. Wish I would have found this weeks ago.

I have a one plus 7 pro from t mobile, flashed to the international firmware a month ago, enjoying the phone but I saw a you tuber upgrade to Android 10 and his phone was locked. He had to pay TMobile to sim unlock his phone and to do that you have to use a TMobile app. Which requires you to roll back to the TMobile firmware. Had anybody had any success going to Android 10 and their phone did not lock?

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Flashing the device does not alter or affect the SIM lock status of the device. My T-mobile has been on Android 10 beta and stable builds and even flashed back.  Again, flashing does not alter or affect the SIM lock status of the device, whether locked or unlocked.

Thanks for the heads-up, I been holding off two weeks on upgrading because I saw that YouTuber gadget beard phone sim lock when he upgraded to 10. Well I upgraded running with no issues thanks

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Still not any good for me

OnePlus released there stable Android 10 version several weeks ago.

OnePlus is known for being quick responders in terms of updates and addressing bugs if needed

This delay falls at the feet of TMobile, because there's is exactly zero reason to have this kind of delay to add bloatware to their version of Android 10.

T-Mobile needs to do better, and Android 10 should have been available weeks ago.


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How are the lucky 100 doing? I heard OnePlus dumped that testing.

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Android 10 is in development phase whatever that means. Anyone have a clue as to how long before it's released?

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That could mean tomorrow or a year from now. OnePlus has too many devices like HTC did before they fell. It might take them awhile to update.

I am not sure what the person above me is talking about. OnePlus does not have many devices at all. On top of that OnePlus already released android 10, it is now up to T-Mobile to put their craps app in, wifi calling and whatnot and test it all before pushing it out to users. Highly doubt it will be a year from now, more than likely a month or so. Again the delay falls on T-Mobile, not OnePlus at all. Please learn about it before posting false information. OnePlus has a lot of phones. LOL You have no idea do you?

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Whatever, there isn't even a stable version of Android 10 for any OnePlus device except the 7T. They have promised Oxygen OS 10 for at least the OnePlus 5 up. I definitely think that they are in HTC territory right now. They already have announced that Sprint's 7 Pro 5G will not get Oxygen OS 10 until next year. Meanwhile they have released the 5th version of Beta for the 7 Pro and 3 "stable" versions of Oxygen OS 10. Yeah I have my complaints about T-Mobile, and I was getting regular updates until about 2 months ago. OnePlus hasn't even updated the security patch since September.

Ya it still might be in beta but its better than other companies that don't even allow that. I do wish we could just get updated straight from manufacturer but that will never happen. Also the fact that OnePlus is updating 2-3 generations worth of their devices is awesome, not many manufacturers do that stuff and take forever for just their flagship devices these days. It has gotten a bit better but not nearly enough. I do think we will get it by early next month. Again even the security patches fall on Tmobile. The unlocked ones are on Oxygen OS 10.0.2 with October security patch as of yesterday I think.

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We could update directly from OnePlus if TMobile didn't remove the local update button. If TMobile isn't going to keep up with updates and security patches they should allow us access to OnePlus. We're going on 3 months without a security patch yet the cheaper OnePlus 7T receives all the attention. If TMobile thinks I'm going to buy the McLaren 5G they are mistaken. Where the hell are the T-Mobile expert's who track this community?

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I wanted to add I would have updated using XDA but my work PC anti virus rejected the download. I'm unable to disable it and I wonder why there would be a virus in the XDA software.

Good question? The so called experts still don't know what the hell is

going on?

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Sometimes there isn't a lot to say.  A little research should have told you that 10.0.2 stable has been out for about a week now and that beta 6 has come out a couple of days later.  Both builds still aren't perfect but are improving for GM21AA.  When it comes to the T-Mobile FUT releases, they are not to be discussed publicly. 

Some type of input would be nice though! We are the customer who spends

"money" on a products that should be updated promptly, before a new

release. The way it is going with T- mobile and how they put out updates

the OnePlus 8 will be out..

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I am just a customer as well.  I signed up for the FUT programs on the OnePlus boards.  I also participate a lot on the XDA boards and somewhat here.  Your input needs to be directed at OnePlus. 

I have along with several others. OnePlus finally responded and basically

said it is T-Mobile because T-Mobile requires to put their mix in it. If it

were just OnePlus then we would already have the update. That's is why

Google phones already have the update. Their phones are Google only. These

carriers ruin it for the customers to get proper updates.

Im still baffled by the delay. The 7T 5G is already in the store and McLaren will be next. I am hopeless to see any updates for 7 Pro Untill 1st or 2nd QTR of 2020

I updated to 10.0.2 and my one plus 7 pro is working fabulous, switched to the international firmware and get my updates straight from one plus website. I ordered a dual SIM holder off eBay for 5 bucks and I'm rocking and rolling. Switch to the international version your phone will be so much faster like a new phone.

I wish I could. My work computer for some reason will not read the drivers.

I think it is outdated and my personal computer is giving me some B's error

with microsoft

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OnePlus blames TMobile and T-Mobile blames OnePlus. The perfect situation to do nothing. Amazingly T-Mobiles 7T has Android 10 and the OnePlus pro and 7T are basically identical. I don't know how anyone can say they are in the FUT program when TMobile decided to stop selling the OnePlus 7 Pro and said it had no plans to update the 7 Pro to Android 10. Since no one of importance from T-Mobile reads this thread it's time to say goodbye to OnePlus. I'll never but a phone from them through TMobile.

Yeah I’m really thinking about buying a Google Pixel! Had iPhone and really

don’t like the way Apple is.

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