OnePlus 7 / 7 Pro Oxygen OS 10 Update

When will One Plus receive the software update? From your website it does not look it is eben in line to be tested. Everyone else in the world will receive it except T Mobile customers.




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Can we at least get an updated security patch? This phone is what a year old and its already lagging behind in security and updates? I understand some people said the latest Oxygen is still pretty much a beta but thats not an excuse to not release an updated security patch

Security updates should be released immediately. There is no Reason T-mobile should be waiting on this.

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Even 10.3.0 only has November's security patch.  I don't think we will see December's security update until January or maybe we will the update straight to January's security patch will come by the end of January. 

OnePlus has already mentioned they don't have a big update, development, and bug fixing teams.  This is why the FUT programs were introduced. 

September is my last update I will be looking for a new one soon or I'll just have to go back to Samsung I'm gonna give benefit of the doubt and hope they skipped little update for the big one

I just got the update to 10.0.1.GM31CB also came with the November security patch

Lucky for me I'm already on Android 10 international on my device.

If anyone wants help with flash the software let me know I'll help you.

I was thinking they were gonna wait for a upgrade and do it all in one or we would have gotten a update that would have been more current than September

Just received the Android 10 update this morning from T-Mobile on my OnePlus 7 Pro.

Do how long do we have to wait for the development to end I see other phones and one plus phone have stable versions??

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10.0.1 is out for the T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro.


Can confirm the Android 10 update with November security patch released for me yesterday with oxygen os 10.0.1 so still 4 updates behind the u locked model but baby steps

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The firmware versions are not directly comparible. 

For those have this phone I highly recommended flash to the international firmware to get updates.

I'm on oxygen os 10.0.3

Sorry for the wrong info I mean oxygen os 10.3.0

One thing to keep in mind is you must have a paid off phone for the flash, I was seeing quite a few people stuck with the international version but the sim not working due to it being locked I may be wrong for newer versions but worth doing your research nonetheless if you plan on flashing to the international version.

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The SIM will still work if the SIM lock is still in place.  You just can't unlock the bootloader if the SIM is still carrier locked.

Sim locked is not required to flash the phone to the international firmware

However I'm planning paying for Sim unlocked to used other carriers

However I'm already done the process flashing vto the international firmware with Sim lock it's works with service

I also have the OnePlus 7t pro 5g version

Funny nobody replied yet.

I was just notified I have a 2 day old update waiting to install: Oxygen OS 10.0.1.GM31CB

Installing it now.  FINALLY!!!

I have the OP7Pro

Thank you so much for posting this! I've been waiting for this up date for a while, and seemingly was not going to be able to get it. I finally gave up checking for updates until I read this.:-)

I know the original question was from a year ago but yeah. T-mobile always runs out Oxygen updates very late. For future reference you can download the updates directly from the Oneplus website. Oneplus is a very good company about being open source and upfront with software. Any questions just ask.