OnePlus 7 pro Sprint model

  • 21 July 2021
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Has anyone received the android 11 OTA I haven't received anything

4 replies

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I’d search for the update manually to see if that helps kickstart it. Please check this on a strong Wi-Fi or network connection too. When testing this on Wi-Fi, remove the SIM card out of the phone before trying to download the update.


That was the first thing I did. My phone is unlocked is that a problem or hold up. It's paid off through Sprint. I called technical support they didn't know anything I guess I have to upgrade now

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you could always see if you can jump onto the OP site itself and download from there if its available.

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also forgot to ask previously..but which sim card are you running in the phone? the original Sprint sim card or the TMO R115 sim card? if its still the original sim card that might be why. it might be looking for the Sprint update instead of the TMO update.


the 7 Pro update was already completed