OnePlus 7t Pro 5G McLaren - Android 11 Update

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I guess this is more of a vent, I never really post to forums, but this is just frustrating and disappointing beyond belief now.


I have been with T-mobile for a number of years now, and will take them over any of the competition.  When OnePlus made its way to the states exclusively through T-Mobile I was really excited (I nerd out on tech), I heard of them through channels like MKBHD and Unbox Therapy, the "flagship killers".


After picking up the OnePlus 6t I fell in love with this company. Crazy high specs for a decent price and one of the first to get updates. 


I'm not pointing the finger at T-Mobile or OnePlus, I just can't believe that the most premium phone, 7t Pro 5G McLaren, hasn't even been mentioned all that much with Android 11 update.


What broke me down enough to have to vent is I'm starting to see videos and articles on Android 12 already. 


Anyways, like my post or not. 

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I feel the same way. On T-Mobile's website it says the manufacturer is working on the update, but it's taking so long. I agree that they should focus on the premium phones first as we pay a premium.

I see it as a passive aggressive way to nudge us into getting new phones. Never mind the fact that we paid a premium for the mclaren... It's a business, they're just out to make money. The fact that t-mobile does it better than the competition just makes us feel good, but they're out to make a buck just like all the others. 

I completely agree. We all paid MUCH extra for the McLaren edition, we should have gotten the updates first. The official OnePlus website has the update for the 7T Pro already, so what’s the hold-up converting that to the McLaren. Because of 5G? Because of the extra RAM? I find that hard to believe. When you sell a high-end version, you should service that high-end version. 


At this rate the OP 6 and 6T will get android 11 before us. Pixel will be my next phone, this is just ridiculous


Same here, I will definitely not get another T-mobile branded phone and will opt to bring my own device when it is time to change this phone which might be soon as I'm sure support for it will be expiring soon... 

Hey T-Mobile and One Plus what is the hold up with Android 11 on the One Plus Mclaren model. Sure makes one re-think the phone vendors that should be used. Wife is a Apple user and IOS updates are clock work in September and in version releases every couple of months. As the originator of this post stated I have a feeling that Android 12 will be out before this update is released for my phone. I should expect that my phone will get the new Android updates within a few months of the Android release date. Not still waiting almost eight months later. I also should expect that my Phone is good for three versions of Android releases, the one it came with when purchased and the next two that are released.

I agree with all the above. I’ve been a Oneplus user for 6 years and always bought directly from Oneplus and received updates promptly. My first T-Mobile Oneplus device was the Mclaren, I’ll be honest it was the pop-up selfie camera and 5G that drew me in. The time it takes for T-Mobile to “develop” android updates is atrocious. I will definitely be going back to the source and buying directly from the Oneplus website additionally, they offer student discounts that reduce the prices significantly.

So I bought my Onplus 7 Pro McLaren directly from OnePlus.

Under the impression that the update for Android 11 was just around the corner from Tmobile.

T Mobile has always been a second rate carrier much like Sprint in the area where I live. 

They refuse to step up and take care of the customers who pay for the higher end devices.

I will never understand why.  

Needless to say, the frustration is just too much after paying a premium price for a premium device only to receive D class service from the carrier.

It may just be time for me to start looking at another carrier altogether. 

TMobile should be totally ashamed.

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did you purchase the TMO variant from them or the fully unlocked variant?

If T-Mobile doesn’t want to update the McLaren to Android 11… then screw ‘em. Turn on access to Bootloader in Developer options and install a custom Android 11 ROM. You can also get rid of the T-Mobile boot and shutdown animation screens as well, and replace them with OnePlus McLaren animated screens once the ROM is installed. The custom ROM will rid the phone of any sort of T-Mobile branding, bloat, screens, menus, etc. T-Mobile doesn’t want to take care of the people who spent more money than other people? First- yeah, nice business you run there. Grow some morals and ethics. Not very good business to snub people who paid extra. I’m sure people will remember that the next time they buy a phone, you dopes. Second- Not a problem. We’ll just rid our phones of any mention of T-Mobile what so ever. It’s simple to do, so we really don’t actually “need” your update. Again, these are things people WILL remember when considering their next phone. T-Mobile who, now? Custom ROMS (and the animated boot/shutdown screen logos) can be downloaded from Goodbye T-Mobile! 

T-Mobile, the largest 5G network that couldn’t possibly care any less about it’s higher-end phone users. That’d make a great commercial… seeing as it’s true. So very few companies tell the truth in commercials anymore. 

T-Mobile is going to lose me as a customer very soon if I don’t get the Android 11 and now Android 12 updates for my Mclaren!!

The update is now complete according to the website and should be pushed out to phone's very soon. Shouldn't have taken as long as it did but we finally made it. 


Be cautious about the new update. i just received it and now my fingerprint sensor is completely useless. i can add/remove fingers just fine and i know its reading correctly becuase trying to enroll the same finger twice it will say that finger is already enrolled, by try to use it to unlock the device or sign in a app that supports biometric login and it will just fail, saying “Not Recognized”. I’ve already tried several reboots including wiping the cache, same issue


I got the update but now it's giving issues with connecting to mobile network...Says there's no sim card. I've had to restart phone multiple times for it to start working again this is frustrating.