OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren cannot hold a GPS signal

  • 17 December 2019
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I have submitted this same issue with OnePlus.

I am on my second OnePlus 7T Pro 5G purchased directly from T-Mobile and the phone is not able to hold a GPS signal while getting directions in ANY mapping app (eg. Google Maps, Waze, etc.)

What happens is that you enter a destination in the mapping app and start the directions. A use case used a bazillion times by a bazillion users.  On your route for no rhyme or reason at no specific interval, the mapping app will lose its connection to GPS and the arrow where you are on the map will freeze at your last known location.  While you continue on your way, at some point the mapping app will reconnect to GPS and find you and you will "fast forward" to your current position on the map. This happens multiple times during your travels at varying intervals.

I have captured this with a screen recording using an app called GPS Test simultaneously with Google Maps.  The link is below.  The time stamps of note are:

Three examples in one video. 1st one starts at 0:35 and ends at 1:35. Second one starts at 1:45 and ends at 2:05. The third starts at 2:15 and ends at 3:55.

44 replies

I'm having the same problem with my Note 10+ 5G.  Why were these bugs not addressed in testing T-Mobile?

Fixed this problem by selecting 2g/3g/lte from network  phone settings and restart phone. GPS with both Waze and Google maps is now good. Hope they release a fix soon, otherwise phone works really well especially when teathered. I actually had my Huawei Mate 9 and laptop teathered while testing GPS and it worked great. Battery is also lasting longer probably because I'm out of 5g network. Please fix T-Mobile


Please edit your post and do not use the word "fixed"...your actions is more of an unacceptable temporary workaround as opposed to a fix. This would be closer to a "fix" if T-Mobile refunds all buyers of this $900 phone about $400 to be in line with the 7 Pro that proceeded this. Otherwise, T-Mobile marketed and sold a 5G phone and I should not have to turn off the very feature that got me to purchase the phone on launch to use a core application of the phone...mapping and directions.

Unfortunately edit window  now it expired, for now this workaround fixed my issue and hopefully T-Mobile has an update in the near future. Yup 5g is bleeding edge and just like any new tech, bugs are a norm. The rest of the phone is great and is world's apart from my Huawei Mate 9. Unfortunately we do not have the cool variety of phones which are way cheaper and offer more features. Plus we paid to have the McLaren namesake on our phones. It is what it is.


5G is not bleeding edge. Its a simple evolution of what we use today. Its merely use of a different spectrum with normal advancements in use of the spectrum. But that's honestly irrelevant.

This "workaround" is known from OnePlus forums as well but it does not fix the issue at all. It merely allowed you to use the application you wanted today at high inconvenience to you and not at the marketed and sold promise of 5G from T-Mobile. This isn't a bug that affects 1 in a million users that may have been an acceptable at launch. This is a CORE use case of a mobile phone that should have worked on launch. This is like if you can make phone calls only if its plugged into an outlet on launch. Does that allow you to make a call? Yes. Is this an acceptable workaround? No. This is not an acceptable bug. There is no acceptable workaround for core functionality. This is not what it is. Have higher standards of a top of the line phone that we paid top dollar for.

Phone is going back, the work around failed, worked for 5 minutes but seemed to waiver afterwards. Have to agree if T-Mobile is going to hype up 5g with the OnePlus and Samsung flagships, they better have their act together. Maybe they will have 5g ironed out when the OnePlus 8 is released. I'll miss Android 10 but it's not worth the hassle of GPS not working. Until next time.....

i have the same issue and as of now i already have three 5G phones because when i call T-Mobile the make it as if i am the only one who is having this issue. they wount admit that it may be their fault. anyway what i have found is that the issue is caused by the 600mghz connectivity, so a part time solution is to turn off 5G but that is not a full fix and you will still have some of the issues some of the time. what i have found is that if you take out the SIM card it works just i know thta that is not a fix at all but i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to block the phone from using mobile networks for location data. i think that would solve all the issues. these phones have premium GPS and GLONASS chips and they should work fine. its just TMO's stupid and premature version of 5G that doesnt work.

Yep, same issue here in vegas, really sucks having to leave my phone on LTE all the time. Tmobile what are you doing?

Same issue here on 7T. I also don't understand why T-Mobile would not have done a simple test of the phone before releasing it. If they gave one executive the phone for an hour, he or she would have noticed the GPS cannot hold a connection. Also, why is there no official response from T-Mobile? I am going to have to return the phone if there is no statement about a fix from T-Mobile or OnePlus.

(Also- dropping down to LTE did not solve the problem on my device)

I am in the same boat too.  On Dec 17th I picked up the Note 10+ 5g, gps keeps on dropping on 5g.

I'm also experiencing the GPS issue on my oneplus 5g phone. T-mobile has not been helpful in this situation and suggested that next time I do more research before buying a phone.

I also wasted hours troubleshooting the activation as mobile data would not work. The first tech told me the tower was down, and give it a few days. Second tech confirmed there were no tower issues. The first tech just wanted to get me off the phone. I guess he didn't like that I was questing his skills. That's what happens when companies outsource call centers to save money.

I got an update to my Note 10+ 5G to version N976USQU1ASL7 this morning which resolved my GPS issue.  Hope the OnePlus gets an update soon too.

Thanks for the update. Oneplus being a smaller company will prob take a while. please let us know if the GPS continues to work


Smaller than Samsung? Sure. Small company...errrrr, no. There is no excuse for this issue. This should have been caught in the extensive testing of the phone.

I also got the N976USQU1ASL7 for my Note 10+ 5g.  I am still having the same issues with gps.  The update did not fix it.

I in the So California area.

Where is the fix for the tmobile 5g mclaren gps issue? It's ridiculous to put your customers in this position.

If you expect me to be a beta tester then I'll take a free phone with bugs. If you want me to pay $900 then I should get a working phone.

Well T-Mobile you lost a customer over this. I switched back to Verizon even though where I live is flooded with your 600mhz. What good is the coverage if the phone can’t even use it. What the hell. First time I leave Verizon in 12 freaking years and I instantly regret it. And of course VZW gave me zero discounts and just laughed all the way to the bank. But what am I gonna do?

I have found a work around but only Google maps works, I downloaded the gps reset com app and reset the gps which allowed me to get better satellite signals. I also downloaded rtkgps+ played around with it and after I was able to use the Google map.

To fix Waze after that go to settings> search location services next click see all, look for waze force stop app if it's open then go to storage, clear storage and cache and go back to app and it works. Please, let me know if it works for you.

Had the same issue with my 5G McLaren, took it back and the rep suggested it was Waze that caused the issue. I told him it was also doing it (not working) on Google maps. He suggested I remove Waze, and clear cache and storage for Google maps, restart the phone and test again. So far I have tested it on 4 different occasions with no issues... I will keep using only Google maps for a few more days before I attempt to reinstall Waze and see, maybe it's not fully compatible yet.

My 5G is still having this issue after trying all of the suggested work-arounds.  I was traveling for Christmas and this made it quite difficult as I rely heavily on the GPS.  I stopped in a T-Mobile store and they suggested I either purchase a new phone (this one is too old to return - 18 days old) or purchase a GPS from Walmart.  Ha!

T-Mobile - We need this fixed.  At least let us know when we can expect a fix.

I am also experiencing this issue aswell. My fix was I went to network settings and selected 2g/3g/LTE to disable 5G and it seems to have solved it for now. This thread needs another bump until fixed.

I can't believe it is happening; I never had any issues with my oneplus 3T. Now I have this upgraded version of the 7t pro I have problems with GPS and Bluetooth that disconnects couple times a day. 

I will try to use LTE only, let's see if works...

Hello T-Mobile - can we get an update on this? This phone has been out for a month and still no reliable GPS.

Also waiting on this - last update indicated tentatively we would have an update this week.