OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren cannot hold a GPS signal

  • 17 December 2019
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I have submitted this same issue with OnePlus.

I am on my second OnePlus 7T Pro 5G purchased directly from T-Mobile and the phone is not able to hold a GPS signal while getting directions in ANY mapping app (eg. Google Maps, Waze, etc.)

What happens is that you enter a destination in the mapping app and start the directions. A use case used a bazillion times by a bazillion users.  On your route for no rhyme or reason at no specific interval, the mapping app will lose its connection to GPS and the arrow where you are on the map will freeze at your last known location.  While you continue on your way, at some point the mapping app will reconnect to GPS and find you and you will "fast forward" to your current position on the map. This happens multiple times during your travels at varying intervals.

I have captured this with a screen recording using an app called GPS Test simultaneously with Google Maps.  The link is below.  The time stamps of note are:

Three examples in one video. 1st one starts at 0:35 and ends at 1:35. Second one starts at 1:45 and ends at 2:05. The third starts at 2:15 and ends at 3:55.

44 replies

Just found this interesting information on how low band 5 g can interfere with GPS. Here's the link:


Link needs editing to remove stuff added to the end but Interesting reply. I'll believe it when I see it and it's fixed. The silence and misinformation provided to their customer service staff as well as lack of proper testing of a core function of a mobile device to now won't allow me to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Only bad thing, the last update was over 2 weeks ago, and no updates when it was tentative for release this week.


I would consider the second week of Jan to be next week. Let's see...

**PLEASE NOTE**I MY POST IS ON BOTH 5G TMO DEVICES..I ran out and ordered my Samsung Note 10+5G and I am a driver for Uber. Well I tried everything under the sun including booting into safe mode deleting all of the added apps clearing cache data factory resetting everything and the GPS continuously had massive and I mean massive GPS stuttering issues. I would be driving and the GPS would get stuck or stop or freeze whatever you want to call it and I would travel 1/4 Mile to a half a mile to three-quarters of a mile and then the GPS would jolt and catch up to my correct location. I tried my new 5G T-Mobile device in all of Los Angeles California from downtown to Redondo Beach to Pacific Palisades to Hollywood California to downtown Los Angeles to Compton California to Torrance California to Long Beach California it exhibited the same issue in every city in Los Angeles county. I then decided to drive in Orange county I drove through Irvine Costa Mesa garden Grove Anaheim Brea Fullerton Cypress Huntington Beach all over Orange county with the same issues being exhibited. I have over 15 minutes of video of the GPS issues from using my device in my vehicle. I then had thought that this was a defect in the phone so I prompted T-Mobile and returned my note 10 + 5 g.

I then decided to jump on the OnePlus 7t pro McLaren 5G. lo and behold the exact same issue happened with the brand new T-Mobile one plus 70 pro 5G device the exact and I mean the exact same defect using the GPS where it would freeze stutter for up to almost completely one full mile before the GPS signal would catch up to me again I tested the device all over Orange county for a full 13-hour day and also in all of Los Angeles California is well from Long Beach to Beverly hills California in Orange county from Newport Beach all the way up to the city of Brea in Orange county.

Both devices had to be returned to my great dismay as well as the fact that in some places I would barely get 3.5 megabits per second download speeds in a huge number of areas throughout Orange county and LA county. I am severely disappointed in my total disillusionment of 5G and how it would change my life T-Mobile should have never ever ever launched this 5G Network which in quite a few places in Mass City areas was really 3-g a terrible terrible terrible disappointment shame on you T-Mobile.


Looks like a fix is rolling out...fingers crossed...

The updated released this morning/last night did nothing to solve my problems with this phone.

$900 phone that has slow internet and GPS that doesn't work. Great!!!

I have the same issue! I mean it fixed about 25% of the time but GPS is still not working perfectly. I don't understand how a big company like T-Mobile can have such a messed up feature at launch. It's not like they asked us do you want to beta test our 5G According to them it was ready on December 6th... I just wish T-Mobile support would actually read these forums and realize that many of their customers want to leave them. I thought that 5G would at least be as fast as AT&t and Verizon LTE but no it's still not even close


Downloaded the update and using it for a couple days So far so good...

Unfortunately the update did not fix my GPS issue. This is seriously the worst phone experience I've had in a long time.

It sickens me to hear your plight. I returned the Note 10+ and the OnePlus 5g device within 96 hours of testing each device accross all of Los Angeles and Orange county California. T-Mobile has succeeded in destroying the trust and confidence of millions of it's customers. Simply Amazing Failure. No wonder John Legere hit the road right after Or immediately prior to the 5g Launch. 

What a way to leave a Legacy 😥

Same here!  I'm in the Los Angeles area.  5G and GPS are not a good combination.  I also have the update you mentioned in your post.  Since this was a clean transfer from my problem-free Note9, this is super disappointing.  Also, the fastest 5G speed I've seen is almost 200 Mbps down.  I was expecting a much faster connection.

This has helped me as a temporary workaround.

This is truly feeling like a sloppy rollout.


Not sure about the note 10 but the OnePlus update to fix this is out in the wild.

Also 200 Mbps would be considered excellent performance. This is low band 5g that travels miles not the more useless higher band 5g that gets blocked by stuff like a leaf

I am also having this issue even after the latest patch.  The GPS is absolutely horrible.  I'll be driving and it will send me off in the wrong direction, I'll constantly here, GPS Signal lost.


So I'm the original poster of this thread and while you did fix the gps issue earlier this year, I just downloaded and installed the stand alone 5g update and now...once GPS is not working. EXACT SAME issue as 9 months ago. Phone doesn't know where I am and how to follow my progress when I need directions. Why don't you guys test stuff like this?!???


And yes, the gps directions was working fine prior to the update. I installed the update a few days ago and didn't need directions until today...when it didn't work. And switching to 4g lte didn't solve it either like what some did the last time 9 months ago as a work around