OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren - 5G Issue - Repeatable Problem/Known Issues u

  • 14 December 2019
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Just a heads up for those looking at the newest 5G Phone. I know early adopters have growing pains. But also, this type of problem is kind of pathetic. drops

Location: Las Vegas, NV and surrounding area


- 5G non-functional out-of-box - No Data, only calls/texts
- Phone drops 5G Signal Symbol in Notification Bar
- Resetting Connections (Cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi) fixes issue (?)
- Resetting connections simply changes Cellular Bands to LTE and below (3G, 2G) - not 5G
- Once you select 5G from the Menu, the Data drops
- Changing Cellular back to LTE and lower, restarting the phone brings Data back

Repeatable and verified known issue. Ticket in with Support.

Notes: Data works on WiFi even if 5G is enabled/selected. Still have problems with Text Messages not sending even on WiFi.


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Isn't there an update that fixes that?  If it isn't out yet, it should be soon. 

If you have used sim card with the device that it comes with.

That is issue #1

Go to the store and ask them to give you new SIM card and have them registered and trigger carrier provisioning.

Iif grey screen doesn't pop up after inserting new SIM CARD

ssim being provisioning .

You should see sim cards is refreshing.

Otherwise you have bad device with internal sim tray.

That have fixed my girlfriend  5G McLaren.

Also they have her device fully unlocked.

Also open ticket with the engineering department to have your device whitelisted for roaming on US Cellular roaming partner.

Otherwise you will be on emergency calls connections.

I had the same issue. The mobile service Icon kept going from a filled white (you have service Icon) to the empty outline icon. It just kept flipping back and forth. I called to activate the Sim card that came with the phone and nothing. Just before I went to bed I had the idea to reset the phone. Boom it worked. 5g popped up in the corner and I went to bed. Woke up and I was still getting notifications and stuff I thought nothing of it. I went to work and I couldn't connect to the internet on my break. I reset the phone once again and it seems to work fine now but I'm not very optimistic about this current is build. It has less features, it's buggy, I am getting phantom touches even as I type right now. I've had to correct several typos due to it registering a touch somewhere. I originally wanted to trade in my 6t for this phone as a credit but now I'm not so sure I'm going to give it up with such a rocky start to ownership of this device

So there is a few known issues , GPS issues , There is a huge GPS tracking delay on google maps . It takes abour 7-15 seconds for your gps to catch up to your actual location . Another issue i noticed is that this phone will not mirror cast on my tv . This phone is really faulty in program design . i have contacted one plus about these issues and have yet to hear back . MCLAREN 7T PRO

GPS Positioning is not accurate | OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition | Page 2 - OnePlus Community

More issues:

Texts not sending or sending out of order. Media messages never sending on WiFi (?) but to on Cellular. Thats odd AF. Any media messages sent come out TERRIBLE quality. Such as video going through as 240p

I'm noticing slower speeds than LTE, a lot slower outside of one speed test (image below) where I hit over 80Mb/s. All the tests below were with the 5G indicator lit except the top one at 4G. 5.5Mb/s download? My phone tethered or hotspot is my internet access, so I was hoping and was sold on much better than this. I hope it gets worked out.


Same problem for me here in West Palm Beach area, both Waze and Google Maps failed to use GPS.  I even switched over to 3G/LTE only and same issue with GPS not responding.  Phone is plenty fast and love Android 10 but i use GPS as well as most everyone nowadays. Returning phone

Same issue it's all over the message boards on xda Reddit. No amount of testing was done on this phone before sending it out to us customer's.

GPS fails on 5g I've done extensive testing. Disabling 5g and using 4g allows GPS to work sometimes but not when you need it most. I'm opening and issue with T-Mobile support and returning this phone.

I have no choice but to return mine. Besides the lower than 4G speeds, unlike my OnePlus 6 it won't allow FTP over tether - a requirement of mine

Plus the GPS problem, and it's the first phone I used with curved edge glass - I don't like the reflections nor figuring out what I have to touch from the side, and there's no real way to protect it like a flat screen. The 6 has a flat screen and everything works, I consider it superior to the 7T Pro Mclaren

I bought the new McLaren on Deb 8th, 2nd day from the day of launch. Traded my close to brand new working iPhone 8. Right from the get go the cell phone keep on droping GPS (both Google Maps and Waze) even the location finder for Uber was impacted. Spoke to T-mobile and their Tech support for 6 days in a row. Cleared cache, factory reset multiple times, brought the network down to 2G/3G/LTE, nothing worked, even went back to the store and got a replacement phone, same story on the 2nd mclaren too. I can't even return the phone because I traded a working iphone 8 for peanuts. #neveragain Tmobile, ​, ​ i have been your customer for 14 years with 4 lines and this is how you are taking care of your loyal customer..

T-mobile is not handling the GPS issue very well. Maybe if they continue to ignore it the problem will go away.

T-mobile doesn't care that they are selling customers phones with major issues.

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I haven't had any GPS issues using 5G. I use Android Auto which connects my phone to my car screen. I've used it every day and countless miles and it works perfectly. I tell it where to go and it calculates the route and time. I use all the screen features such as finding gas stations and each time its dead on. I have never used Google Maps or Waze although Android Auto uses either.

So what GPS app are you using? I thought the only 2 options are Google maps or waze

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Hey Folks! We are aware of the GPS issue and have a fix tentatively rolling out in the second week of January.

As for the other 5G issues, we greatly appreciate you bearing with us here in the early days of 5G. Please do contact our over the phone specialists so that engineering tickets can be opened and investigated.

As a beta tester this is great news. Oh wait, I'm not a beta tester and I paid full price for the phone and full price for service. Other than returning the phone there has been no compensation for the wasted time troubleshooting with t-mobile and one plus. I should return the phone and then buy it  again after the fix just so t-mobile takes a loss

That's if I decide to stay with tmobile. The 5g isn't much of an upgrade. The price for a premium phone with bugs is irresponsible by tmobile. GPS is a top function for a phone and to knowingly sell it with this bug shows how much they really care about customers.

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It will use Google maps as my default. I just came back from a 300 mile trip and no problems. Google maps informed me of an accident on I 95 and rerouted me around it. I'm not saying the phone doesn't have issues as it does. I do think TMobile has to be more involved with updates and security patches.

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Chris try texting someone a picture. Chances are it won't.

Phone has issues while using YouTube app and chrome app. I downloaded internet explorer as an alternative and it worked. Hope they find solution for these apps soon

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Hey Chris your group of experts online and on the phone know crap about any GPS or other issues such as the battery. I'm sure we wouldn't mind receiving security patches from Android either. Plus there is a new version of Android 10 out and it would be nice to pass it along. Thanks for listening. 

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Youtube works find on my 5G as does Chrome. You are the first that I know of with those issues.

I am also having issues playing with Call of Duty Mobile is imposible to use it. Whatsapp media does not download. We need the update asap.

Any updates as to when we'll receive an update? LOL

Also wondering if this fix is still slated for this week.  Just switched over to TMobile with the 7T Pro 5G and having the same issues.