Oneplus 9 pro (t-mobile) newest update ( bugged asf. Unacceptable.

  • 29 January 2022
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The newest update for the oneplus 9 pro t-mobile variant is awful. Here's the most annoying bugs I've encountered: Thea volume is randomly changing with random occurrences. Even more, when trying to change the volume, it sometimes only affects the phone/notification volume, even though media sound is playing and not anything related to notifications or phone calls. Also, if the phone has been running overnight (not shutting it down or rebooting), turning the screen on reveals that every app is unresponsive (they won't open and you get a black screen. Not even settings can be accessed and the launcher is dead). Oh and, where's xpan mode for the camera app? T-mobile, why are you making the t-mobile variants so trash? Is it not enough you torture us by not allowing manual update installation on this inferior software?

It doesn't help that converting the t-mobile variant to an international software is harder and riskier than before, since 3 partitions, modems and persist, have to be backed up. Just let the t-mobile variant be nearly on the same page on oneplus, whose updates are already slow enough as is. 

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