OnePlus Dropping Connections

  • 4 August 2020
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I have already been through the support escalation once, and had my phone replaced. I may do it again - but hesitant since the issue was not fixed.


I have the following symptoms:

  • Lose WiFi AND Cell service approximately EVERY 20 minutes
  • If I’m on a phone call, when this happens, the call disconnects. It does not matter if WiFi is connected or not.
  • A new phone works without issue UNTIL an OTA update to upgrade my phone loaded. I cannot refuse the OTA updates, so after the first OTA on the replacement phone I delayed restarting it until the install timer restarted it on its own.
  • I have had this issue with two phones. The current build is Oxygen OS 10.0.5.GM31CB.

1 reply

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This is a known issue that has been resolved in the 21AA firmware but was introduced into the T-Mobile firmware after it plaguing 21AA users for almost 2 months.  I would not allow that OTA to install and wait for the next update.  

If you need to rollback your device, you can find the MSM Tool and firmware to push your device back to the original firmware the device shipped with on XDA’s OnePlus forum or even the official OnePlus forum.