OnePlus Open

  • 20 October 2023
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Is T-Mobile going to offer the new OnePlus Open foldable phone?

6 replies

I chatted with a rep this afternoon and they confirmed that will not be selling the OnePlus Open unfortunately.

I had a reply say it will be available 

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T-Mobile USA did not sell the OnePlus 11 and will not be carrying anymore OnePlus devices.  This is because of the OnePlus/OPPO merger that gives the CCP more control over the company.  You can still purchase the OnePlus Open through OnePlus directly.  

Does T-Mobile support for the new OnePlus fold?

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Does T-Mobile support for the new OnePlus fold?

Just because they don't sell it doesn't mean it can't be used on the network without issue.  If you purchase the North American model directly from OnePlus, it should work perfectly.

I think many would choose the 1+open if Tmobile carried it on the pymt plans ans Samsung would go