Open note to T-mobile about LG v40 ThinQ support

  • 1 March 2021
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Dear T-mobile,

I really regret buying two of these phones from you (one for me, one for spouse) after having been a customer forever. Since LG has signaled they are getting out of the mobile phone biz, it is apparent they are no longer supporting the product. The last update for the phone was in SEPTEMBER 2020. That’s 5 months without a security or bugfix update. Keep in mind, this phone is ONLY two years old. On top of this, battery life has steadily gone downhill to the point where I now lose 10% battery for each hour of normal use.


Annoyed customer

3 replies

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rumor is another company is possibly going to buy out this time though its only rumor until something more concrete pops out..not that this info helps your scenario.


if you pull up the battery through settings what is it saying is eating up the most battery?


Screen 8%, apps 6%, phone idle 6%, system 3% - Everything else is under 1%. I’ve restricted a LOT of apps from running in the background as well. It seems from reading around the webs that battery degradation is an issue with these phones. The other thing that annoys me (history) is that TMO said the v40 would get Android 10 “shortly” when we bought it. It finally showed up about 7 months later.

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and the battery issues came in before or after 10?