Oreo update for the LG V30?

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No, you're not the only one!  Just got mine OTA after I went into the settings and looked for it, thanks for the tipoff!  Now all we need is a changelog...

Software update page at Software updates: LG V30/V30+ still lists H93220j as the last update 😊

Yep 😉 I checked there either and couldn't find anything. Such a professional approach from tm to push update first before releasing notes 😊  

@tmo_marissa@tmo_chris​ Can you guys elbow someone to get the release notes for H93220k up?  😊

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I will see what I can dig up 😊

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The doc has been updated. It just says "Security update" though lol.

Hey, that's okay, at least it's information! 😊

@tmo_chris Hey buddy, new H93220o update is out... release notes?

Thanks for the heads up on the update. Hopefully we'll get some notes on