Oreo update for the LG V30?

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Have to concur that what we need is a very specific roadmap for all Android updates for all T-Mobile Android phones. I have one too many excellent phones that are not getting what I think are the appropriate security and/or OS updates (T-Mobile Android phones and unlocked Android phones with an over a decade old T-Mobile account).

The carriers need to work better with the manufacturers and the manufacturers need to work better with the carriers and they both need to work better with the the Android (Google) developers and the FCC and others. Testing matters and is paramount. Security more so. Good people need to be hired and retained and paid well. What a mess we have now!

Then they try to keep one from being able to install a new battery so you have to buy a new phone. Reminds me of the the manufacturers that try to build obsolescence into their products - they may make money in the short term, but their long term prospects are not so good. They chose poorly.

But I digress,


Well it has been 20 days since the first post here and nothing has changed as far as the status of the V30 update. I was being optimistic and hopeful about a update soon whenever this thread was started. It has been what 5-6 months since Oreo was released. Now I am beginning to think that either LG or T-Mobile are in a hurry to update our software to Oreo. I mean I guess Samsung is the biggest seller so it takes priority and LG doesn't care, they just want to sell more handsets, thus don't care if they update software. The new handsets are already updated. Little do they know is that this strategy will hurt them in the long run with existing customers. I hate Samsung because of the bloatware and TouchWiz. Now I am beginning to hate LG, because they keep making bad business decisions. No wonder Samsung doesn't consider them competition anymore.

Now I remember why I'd root and flash ROMs.

This is my first TMobile daily driver since the Nexus 4 and I thought things got better between manufacturers and carriers in terms of updates. Apparently that is not the case. As much as I like the V30 hardware, it's frustrating waiting on the updates. Makes me wish for the GPE devices again. Not a huge fan of the Pixels, but they've maintained update support like the Nexus.

Sadly, if we want timely updates or even accurate timelines, a Google device is the way to go. For what it's worth, that admission bothers me as it puts users like myself into the same camp as iPhone users.

I'm curious to know myself, think verizon has rolled their out already, so would think t-mobile shouldn't be too far behind.  But if they're pulling the stunt like they did with the V20 it could be awhile, they tinkered with the V20 Bootloader, curious to know if they did it with the V30 as well.

UNBELIEVABLE!  Android Police is reporting that AT&T just rolled out their LG V30 OREO update.  That means that T-Mobile is the LAST USA CARRIER to roll out the LG-V30 update! AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon have ALL released it!  Never in a million years did I think that T-mobile would be last this generation.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  To make matters worse, it doesn't even show that it's in the testing phase yet!  C'mon T-mobile!  WTF are you doing?!?

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I saw that too.  Can someone from T-Mobile please let us know what the hell is going on with the Oreo update?! This is ridiculous to have all other carriers rolling/rolled out Oreo before TMobile.  Might have t go Pixel phone next time...maybe even from another carrier that rolls out monthly security updates in a timely manner as well.

All other carriers have pushed out the Oreo update, so obviously it isn't LG's issue.

I think this is the downfall of having cheaper cell service, feel since they been dropping the prices on the services and the added goodies the OTAs have been slower to rollout.  Like my V20 for example its been out now for over 18 months and they are just now getting the 1st OS update to it.  Not sure whose fault it is but if you contact either lg or t-mobile they'll just point the finger at the other party.

Project treble is supposed to help with that, the way os is designed with that is supposed to lighten the load for oems and carriers so should expedite rollout of the software.

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eric10870w wrote:

All other carriers have pushed out the Oreo update, so obviously it isn't LG's issue.

Different carrier different needs.  They all don't roll out at the same time.  T-Mobile isn't always last, and isn't always first if you look at history...  It all comes down to how fast OEM's finish what is agreed upon.

This is for everyone responding to the original posting

In an optimistic view - It's best to keep in mind that the T-Mobile version is different than all other versions. The T-Mobile version is the only version that supports the new Spectrum -600Mhz, which means that it will most likely need to go through additional testing.

I think everyone's and i know my point is. It has already been way too long even taking into account any difference in the build due to the new spectrum. Not just too long but way way way too long. I bought this phone last year when Oreo first came out and really expected it would come with Oreo on it. Also we are not even getting monthly security updates. There is no way to justify this issue with "oh Tmobiles build is different".In fact the unlocked version of the LG V30 that has been updated to Oreo supports band 71 right now as it did on Nougat. You can read about that here:

Unlocked LG V30 to Support T-Mobile's New LTE Band 71 (600 MHz)

you might want to go to the LG Website product specs page before posting. It does not support band 71

AWS; LTE Bands: 1/2/3/4/5/7/12/13/20/25/66

LG V30 Unlocked in Silver (US998): Cinema-Quality Video | LG USA

You might want to read everything else in my post doesn't matter just another misleading fact from LG. Where is Oreo? Where are the security updates? Why did I pay so much for this phone and get so little support? Those are the important issues. I know if some actual effort was put forth it would not have been a monumental task to do all of the things I have mentioned and update the radio probably with the same code from Nougat that it has now. I'm sorry I don't believe T mobile or LG any more. I doubt I am alone. So fight the good fight in the end a lot of customers are dissatisfied. What are you going to do about it?

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Actually, the TMobile version and unlocked version of the V30 do support band 71.  You may want to do more research before challenging others on their statements.

Ask joke of all t mobile for that, that's why I'm a Google pixel with Verizon, I've had Oreo since July last year, Oreo is old now

Obviously they all don't roll out at the same time, T Mobile is last and with such an amazing flagship as the V30 is. It's a shame.

If you want to show me the LG site that states that the unlocked v30 supports band 71 then please prove me wrong. The link I provided was the Unlocked LG v30 manufacturer site.

For AT&T users (I hope it's a typo): The AT&T version uses Gorilla Glass 4 instead of version 5 for the front screen.

LG V30 - Price, Specs & Reviews - AT&T

Unlocked LG V30 to Support T-Mobile's New LTE Band 71 (600 MHz)

I'm sorry but XDA forums is not legitimate enough plus if you go to the last page of that thread you will see that they are not sure that all bands work. So it's still inconclusive if they work or not. Regardless if it was a Tweet from T-Mobile management team, the official answer would be either in the Specs of the manufacturer page and/or on the official T-Mobile news site.

There is an way to prove it works honestly, just need to get into an area with the band working use an app like this

Then you would have your proof

In response to Jessica...XDA forums is not legitimate? Wow shows how little you know 99.9% of android developers are on XDA forums. Do you work for LG or T mobile in marketing or something?

Maybe that post on XDA is wrong, maybe not, seems all websites have little inconsistencies in them especially LG and T Mobile. ATT has gorrilla glass 4? yeah they made those ones special with old glass just for ATT? Get a clue .

I already said band 71 is not the issue here. The lack of timely updates is unacceptable . What don't you get? It's not about band 71,

Updates for the V30 are not happening as they should they are pathetically slow and we don't get monthly security patches. Your Band 71 BS is just smokescreen to feebly try to misdirect the conversation away from the real issue.

Forums should not have secret employee's trying to lead the conversation in a brand positive direction.

We can all play the name calling game here, but all it does if brings up childish defenses. I trust XDA forums for "Developing", not for press releases. They are not marketers, they are developers.

Oh and about AT&T, check their SPECS page and all other sites and show me PROOF instead of FAKE news that has no legitimate proof.

My original post was referring to Optimism. No one needs to get B** hurt over this. Yes I want the Oreo update but I'm not going to shout out all this negativity over a phone when there is allot more in life to enjoy.

I didn't call anyone a name? What are you talking about?

Why are you even in this discussion you seem so happy ? You just hang on T Mobile forums and spread cheer?