Oreo update for the LG V30?

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unegv wrote:

But why do all the other carriers have their versions updated, and

T-Mobile's is still in manufacturer development? How come I am still using

the January security patches? Why didn't the V30 show up on the Oreo update

list until the beginning of March? Even then it didn't show up until too

many people asked. So you are telling me that LG hasn't given T-Mobile the

software to add their bloatware to yet?

T-Mobile gives it well in advanced.  T-Mobile or any carrier for that matter can develop their applications just like ANY developer can. 

For example...  See this link Android P Developer Preview | Android Developers

LG may have had more resources or their development teams may have finished at different times.  I mean we can look at all updates and you'll find not every carrier is always first and isn't always last.

Okay that's different. So what you are saying is that T-Mobile sold us a

handset and they don't have the resources to support it?

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I said LG didn't put enough resources.  All OEMs if you ever look at it always put the most resources on the next device coming out from them.  LG is currently working on the G7 as we speak with probably Android 8.1 while updating all their other handsets with 8.0 instead of the promised 8.1.  For all we know T-Mobile said...  Opted or pressured LG to push out 8.1 instead of 8.0.  Of course we won't know until the update comes out.  I don't buy that LG does things different than all the other OEMs, because we'd have source code by now.

Never believe a low level rep from any company because they will NEVER know exactly what is going on in other departments especially one that isn't even in the same building and every person in that building signs a NDA.

All I know is both are blaming the other. I also know that I can't expect

it anytime soon. I do know that I am probably never buying another LG. This

is ridiculous! It seems both T-Mobile and LG don't have enough resources. I

keep seeing older Samsung devices getting the update and it seems to me

that they are getting priority. I hate Samsung. If this persists I might

have some more decisions to be made.

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T-Mobile has less to do with updates than every one thinks they do. 

food for thought all OEMs can do what Apple does, and also Google does, but they don't.

Then why isn't T-Mobile being transparent here? I mean a month is more than

enough time to get to the root of the problem. That would be great customer

service. I know OEMs really don't care as long as you buy their hardware.

Ok people. Let's not be naive here. This is T-mobile's fault, NOT LG's. LG released the OREO update to all 4 carriers at the same time. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint all pushed it out within a week or two of each other while T-mobile has been completely negligent. Tmobile is squarely to blame here.

This is obviously T-Mobile's fault, there's no doubt on that, and LG has

already released the OS to T-Mobile. And i certainly would believe a "low

level" customer rep over any person on this forum, as they are strangely

altering concrete facts in support of T-Mobile.

Read:. RedOregon on Twitter: "Speaking of fired... the status of the V30 update to Oreo has remained unchanged for a month now…

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Can I say... I told you so yet? T-Mobile does not touch code like people think they do. OEMs do all the modifications based on what is agreed on. OEMs do what is needed and carriers test and if something falls short it goes back to the OEM.

Also the toggle not in the notification thing isn't a Tmobile mishap.   All other devices I have seen all have it but the T-Mobile  V30. I don't think they would single out 1 single device...

Check this out.. it was supposed to be LG who fukd up (or that's what T-mo says)

Des       on Twitter: "Yep - was supposed to be out this week - the OEM made a booboo and they're spinning a new build.…

LG did not mess up.  People don't even want to believe their own FKING EYES. 

When did the V30 show up as 'In Testing'?  That's right - - never.  The Samsung Devices did.  In fact, all major software updates have shown up in the tracker for all devices - - But all of a sudden the LG V30 has been in testing for weeks - but SHHHHH - it's a secret? 

C'mon man!

This is not complicated.  It's not some big conspiracy.  It's very simple and straight forward - Tmobile did not prioritize the Oreo testing of the V30.

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If you say so. Someone from T-Mobile front office put his neck out saying it's LG. LG still hasn't responded except from some low level rep who wouldn't have a clue. Why not show LG the tweet and get someone from their front office to clear the air.  I bet they won't because they never have unless it was in court, and even then they'll find a way to short change you.

And this is why LG is through. They don't have anyone to blame except

themselves. Oh I think both parties had a hand in us not getting our

update, but I think LG is mostly to blame. Might as well jump if you can

(which benefits only T-Mobile) or stop holding your breath which is what I

am doing. I know neither T-Mobile or LG cares if I get a software update

that will make my Android experience better.

I just hope that T-Mobile adopts either DT's policy to let OEMs update

directly or the Pixel 3 isn't carrier exclusive to Verizon. (Yes I know it

can be obtained unlocked elsewhere, it has been a Verizon carrier

exclusive). Those are the only ways I think will avoid this mess in the

future. If the OEMs update it takes the blame off of T-Mobile. If you can

get a Pixel the only one to blame on software updates will be Google. Like

I said, this will probably be my last LG. I don't think that they care, but


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DT never adopted any policy like that.  They only making their bloatware apps downloadable instead of installed by default. Phones will still go through carrier testing there just like any other device. 

I for a long time tell people don't buy Samsung or LG if they want updates.  They are honestly very bad at it especially when it comes to 1+ year old devices. 

this is what I mean LG will try and short change you in court.

LG settles bootloop lawsuit with $425 in cash or a $700 rebate toward a new LG phone - The Verge

T-Mobile LG V30’s Oreo update expected to begin rolling out in around two weeks

Can we please stop crying now

You don't want Oreo my note 8 is all screwed up since Oreo, for 6 months on Android 7.1.1 no issues, avoid Oreo by all means, your missing nothing...

Nope, DT has actually opted to allow OEM direct updates as well.

Also, the update is once again, not LG's fault.

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ryokecra125 wrote:

Nope, DT has actually opted to allow OEM direct updates as well.

Also, the update is once again, not LG's fault.

Uhm...  Yes it does...  Sorry to burst your bubble and internet assumptions because of "debranding" won't stop them from testing the updates.  All DT is doing is using the carrier partition which all US carriers use, and has been using for a while now for Samsung.  That's why you can flash an update from unlocked and still have the carrier branded stuff, and be able to use VoLTE, Wifi calling, and other carrier specific things.

Ironically T-Mobile USA let's uninstall all but 2 apps of theirs.  The unlock app and T-Mobile app.

Again show something from LG front office saying different.  Des which is the PRODUCT MANAGER straight up said LG made a mistake and it now up to them to fix it.

Yes, and Des works for T-Mobile.

As for the DT thing, please do some research:

These all mention that OEMs will be giving direct Android updates.

Sure thing tidbits.  LG sent the OS to Tmobile and Tmobile decided to test it in secret for weeks, without ever showing it as past development.  Because they don't care that it looked like Samsung was being tested but not LG's handsets.  And then without reporting it to Anyone, discovered an ereor and didn't want to give LG any bad press so have hid it from the world!! know, the logical and reported conclusion that Tmobile simply hasn't gotten around to testing it. 

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ryokecra125 wrote:

Yes, and Des works for T-Mobile.

As for the DT thing, please do some research:

These all mention that OEMs will be giving direct Android updates.

Like I said before which you are failing to comprehend...  They will still have testing.  The reason being is because it'll be based on the carrier partition for certain services needs to be tested.  Just because it says it comes directly from the carrier means that instead of the carrier picking a time to release the software that's up to the OEM to decide once approved by the carrier.

I love how people post stuff from "The Unofficial T-Mobile news source as

gospel" I question everything anymore, I definitely don't believe LG

anymore and even if T-Mobile says it I am going to wait. I am lacking trust

these days

Funny.  I've been using OREO on my T-Mobile Note 8 and have had zero problems.  Maybe you should perform a factory reset.

I get a lot of information from tmonews, which is spot on 90% of the time minimum, when you have two sides being transparent as mud you need another source.  There are some sites that do seem to pull news out of their butts though.