Oreo update for the LG V30?

When will the V30 receive the Oreo update form last year?  I bought I high end phone thinking it would be supported for a while and it seems like it is not being supported at all.


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No, you're not the only one!  Just got mine OTA after I went into the settings and looked for it, thanks for the tipoff!  Now all we need is a changelog...

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Software update page at Software updates: LG V30/V30+ still lists H93220j as the last update 😊

Yep 😉 I checked there either and couldn't find anything. Such a professional approach from tm to push update first before releasing notes 😊  

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@tmo_marissa@tmo_chris​ Can you guys elbow someone to get the release notes for H93220k up?  😊

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I will see what I can dig up 😊

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The doc has been updated. It just says "Security update" though lol.

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Hey, that's okay, at least it's information! 😊

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@tmo_chris Hey buddy, new H93220o update is out... release notes?

Thanks for the heads up on the update. Hopefully we'll get some notes on


My battery life went to less than 2 hours once the forced oreo was installed. T mobile already gave me another v30 and just said. Oh dont update it. But yet there's that damn forced msg all the time trying to update automaticly.

I love my v30. It works great and still looks brand new.