Oreo update for the LG V30?

When will the V30 receive the Oreo update form last year?  I bought I high end phone thinking it would be supported for a while and it seems like it is not being supported at all.


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The LG V30/V30+ was added today to the Android Oreo updates listed in development: Community-2444

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Thanks for the heads up on the update. Hopefully we'll get some notes on


@tmo_chris Hey buddy, new H93220o update is out... release notes?

Hey, that's okay, at least it's information! 😊

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The doc has been updated. It just says "Security update" though lol.

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I will see what I can dig up 😊

@tmo_marissa@tmo_chris​ Can you guys elbow someone to get the release notes for H93220k up?  😊

Yep 😉 I checked there either and couldn't find anything. Such a professional approach from tm to push update first before releasing notes 😊  

Software update page at Software updates: LG V30/V30+ still lists H93220j as the last update 😊

No, you're not the only one!  Just got mine OTA after I went into the settings and looked for it, thanks for the tipoff!  Now all we need is a changelog...


Am I only one who just got H93220k OTA update with Security Patch for August 1st 2018? Cannot find any info online.

My wife and I are experiencing an odd problem. I have the V30 with Oreo, and she has the Galaxy S7 and just got Oreo. Lately we both have been having problems with our screens turing on in our pockets and dialing. I've had this phone for at least six months, and it hasn't happened at all until very recently. I can't even find the setting for keeping the screen off when it is in a pocket any more.

@tmo_marissa​ @tmo_chris

Curious about this as well. I saw a report that T-Mo is finally rolling out the universal RCS profile starting with the S7 series. Does this update enable it for the V30, too? If so, we want it!!!

RCS Universal Profile update

@jonzey231​ Hmm, i doubt they would accept my phone. You see, one day i was wearing this pants with a shallow pocket..the edge of the phone was exposed. I remember sitting on a wooden frame office chair that day. I noticed a crack less than an inch at the back corner of my phone. Must have happened when i was shaking my leg during the meeting and the phone must have hit the chair.  😢 so much for military grade durability, but not the glass apparently.

I once contacted LG to fix my display, it was too sensitive. Sometimes it registers input when my finger is barely touching the screen. They said they couldn't fix it until i replace the cracked back. this point, I'd chat with T-Mo on Twitter and have them do a

replacement device. That'd just be the easiest at this point.



So I did manage to factory reset. For some reason my contact from google account didn't show up at first. So I restored just the contacts using LG bridge.

The reset made the VOIP calls better, but issue seems to persist sometimes.

1. Before the reset, the VOIP calls often get disconnected and this disables my data connection (even with LTE full bar). I definitely had to toggle airplane mode on/off and it immediately restored the data connection.

2. After reset. VOIP calls tries to re-establish connection when facing a bad connection instead of immediately dropping the call. If it couldn't reconnect the call, the call gets disconnected but my data connection is still fine. No need to toggle airplane mode. However, situation number 1 still happens 30% of the time.

So even after the reset, problem still persist though there is a significant improvement.

@tmo_marissa​ Saw a report of an H93220j update supposedly made available June 25.. truth?  Not showing up for me.

(edit) Never mind, found it!  Truth!  Software updates: LG V30/V30+

Now to *try* and get it!

I don't know about authenticators, but if you connect to LG Bridge via a PC you can back up your phone, including home screen layouts, remembered passwords, etc., then factory reset and restore from that backup. It's what I did when I had issues with the 8.0 Update at first.

Disable the Google authenticator or change it to text. Then reset your

phone and put Google authenticator back on.

Hello @tmo_marissa​ and @jonzey231​,

Thanks. Im still figuring out how to reset but still retain google authenticator after resetting. Before, I had to move 1 by 1 from the old phone. but now i have to reset it and wont have the authenticator anymore.

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I'm sorry to read about these VOIP issues, @renandyar​ -- but I'm inclined to agree with @jonzey231​. I know that it's not the quickest tech errand to pull off, but a master reset and setting the phone up as a brand new device (you can still log in with your Google account and add details that way, but basically we would encourage you not to restore from a back-up) seems to be a miracle cure-all for most people!

Definitely try the reset. My brother finally reset his last week after

being stubborn about it and he said all of his issues have subsided.

@tmo_marissa​ Hello Marissa,

My daily use of VOIP is still getting lots disconnections, this morning has been really bad. My data gets disconnected every 3-5 minutes. Had to toggle on/off airplane mode to activate the data again.

I tried all your suggestions except a factory reset. I may have to resort to this last option soon.

@aprildawne I just updated and had the same problem. In my notification bar is the Exchange icon and it won't go away. If i tap on it I get the message: "Exchange is using battery". I do have MS Exchange on my phone but could not find a way to toggle this off.

Not sure if you resolved this issue but I was able to turn it off by doing the following steps:

- Settings

-Apps & Notifications

-App info

- tap the 3 dot menu on top right > choose Show system > scroll down

-Android system

-App notifications

-toggle OFF the "Apps consuming battery"

Every since the update my phone been taking longer than usual to. send messages or doesnt send at all.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Anyone else?