Oreo update for the LG V30?

When will the V30 receive the Oreo update form last year?  I bought I high end phone thinking it would be supported for a while and it seems like it is not being supported at all.


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The LG V30/V30+ was added today to the Android Oreo updates listed in development: Community-2444

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That's great, but there is zero detail about the update or a timeline.

Also, LG's PR came out and said that we were going straight to 8.1 as well (source: Do you have a comment on that?

Lastly, we just really want to know WHEN the Oreo update is going to be pushed out to our devices.

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Verizon just released their Oreo update for V30.  Obviously, LG is done now.

When is TMobile releasing it?

Yeah it's looking more like LG blatantly lied about bringing 8.1 to the V30 here in the US. Verizon is getting 8.0 as we speak, I wouldn't blame T-Mobile for that. LG I guess sees Verizon to be a more important client than T-Mobile.

We were promised to be going directly to 8.1 from the CEO of LG's Mobile Division himself. I now see him as a liar, and that I will probably never buy another LG handset. We don't even have 8.0 and the V30's in Korea are getting an upgrade for the AI software in the ThinQ, they have had Oreo for months. The V30 in Japan is being sold under the V35 name and it had Oreo out of the box. This leads me to believe that LG no longer cares about the US market. It's sad, because the last 3 of my handsets were LG Flagships. I don't like Samsung. I think that I will have to find a new manufacturer. Too bad T-Mobile hasn't announced any plans to carry any of the Android One Flagships.

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And now the Sprint V30 is receiving the Oreo 8.0 update.  Come on TMo!

Fyi, Updated 2 devices with Oreo and no problems to report. Everything works great!

Today would be a good day for Tmobile and Legere to apologize for not keeping up with security updates and blaming LG for their own carrier bloat and unnecessary 'lockdowns'/ changes that entirely broke an excellent update on a fantastic phone, to the point that it has and will take 4X longer to build/ test than every other carrier on Earth.

Yes i'm so tired of paying for flagship phones and not getting timely updates. These companies need to hire some developers. And provide a clear timeline. My next phone is whoever starts updating them regularly. Probably a Pixel but the last Pixel was not a great phone.

I did start to see a few reboots soon after. But I did a factory reset and

started it as new. Actually fixed my old Wi-Fi issue I had before the

upgrade. Now it's working better than when I bought it. So either a cache

clear and or reset should fix the reboots.

Extremely good that TmoMarissa posted the update here, and did not leave us to 'figure it out' on our own. Don't like seeing the bug at all, but as Forest G. once said, that stuff happens.

Hopefully the resolution is quick. For my part, no noticeable problems with Oreo, I installed via LG bridge, then immediately did a factory reset to 'clear the air' on the device.

Hello @tmo_marissa

Nothing changed in my commute route. everything was fine before the update. So far, Voip seems fine on WiFI. this could be specific to the LTE connection only.

I will try to clear cache 😊 .

I do smart cleaning sometimes, maybe once a week if i remember, or sometimes when i feel the device is not performing as smooth.

If it doesn't work, i'll try to reset the device to factory settings. I'll update you again after a few days of testing.

Don't be annoyed with LG.  This is all T-Mobile.  LG released the updates to all carriers months ago.  All US & international carriers have tested and distribute the updates to their users - - - except T-Mobile.

My sources tell me that they failed to allocate resources to test, and therefore didn't begin to test until all other carriers had released their OS.  Hence this is why unlike all the other devices in the last 2 years which have received major OS updates, the V30 never showed up as 'In Testing'.

If there is an issue with the update for the Tmobile variant, it is not an issue that would or has appeared on any other V30 on any other carrier.  Again or you would have seen multiple articles/ threads on other carriers halting their update and looking to LG/ Google for a fix.

If there is an issue - it is because T-Mobile wanted the fastboot write commands disabled so folks can't root or undue what Tmobile did to the OS (IE. Among other things, removing the wifi hotspot icon from the drop-down menu). 

I personally am through being patient, I give up! At this point I could

care less. T-Mobile has ample enough time to fix their "boo boo". Honestly

I don't think they really care if we get the update or not. They sold a

pretty expensive unit and we are all paying for it. I am not going to get

nasty here, I just think that this is unacceptable. I will consider my

options in the future more closely and really take anything from T-Mobile

with a grain of salt. Des probably had good intentions, but his company

made him out to be a liar. Therefore his reputation is tarnished. Unless we

all demand compensation and or an apology, T-Mobile doesn't care. The only

way to hurt them is by hitting them in the pocketbook, because they don't

care about anything else. The uncarrier stuff is just a gimmick to boost

sales, then they will slowly do "carrier" like moves slowly taking what

they "gave" you back. So far I love the service and price, but customer

service and software support are lacking greatly. I will voice my opinion

on social media and in person any chance that I get and let them know how

dissatisfied that I am in these areas.

V30 finally shows up as testing. That only took them 1.5 months after the Verizon Oreo release... So with any luck it will only take until November before we get Oreo on our T-Mobile V30. 😠

Basically this is crap. They advertised and a big selling point was the update coming before the first of the year when I picked the V30 up. We are in May as of tomorrow 6 months from the supposed time it was said to be released. Delay after delay with LG and now with Tmobile. This is just bull and I am honestly going to drop Tmobile, get a refund and push the issue of a refund for my. Phone and all the money spent on service for this line. I will take legal action if needed and don't mind how much letigation they will decide to throw my way because it's the dang principle behind the matter in accomplishing what you had said you would. When you don't deliver, you should not be able to falsely advertise and sell a phone that is supposedly going to have certain features and benefits to owning it. Almost certain a judicial proceeding with a jury will agree. I urge others to take the same action if this is not resolved this week! That's all the time I am willing to let this shurade go on for before I make a spectecal of it.

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LG has never given a timeline.  So T-Mobile can never give you one as well.  So it comes down to when LG is done.

This will be the last time I purchase a carrier locked phone, if these updates aren't pushed out sooner from the carrier and manufacturer.  My LG V30 has been starving for this Android Oreo update.  At least with a factory unlocked phone, you get an unlocked boot loader, and you get more timely updates from the manufacturer.  I'm not knocking on T-Mobiles Network Service, but I think they really need to get there act together when it comes time for a firmware update.  I have to wait a year to get an Android 8.0 update?  Wtf?  A loyal T-Mobile Customer

Yeah sadly the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are getting Oreo as I type

I have to agree with this.  Knowing that Oreo is in Manufacturer Development is fine and well, but give us time frames please?  Days?  Weeks?  Months?  I find it very difficult to believe that no one in T-Mobile receives status reports on updates of this importance.

When we do get our update, will we be getting the camera AI software which LG has already stated will eventually roll out to existing V30's? The Korean models have it already.

The T-Mo version is also the only one that doesn't support bluetooth tethering at all...

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Hey, @pomacat​, @attrocks​, @magenta4864514​, @redoregon​ -- and anyone else who mentioned reboots who I might have missed!

I wanted to check in here and see how things are going for you now? One of our teams reached out to check on the status of device function post-update, and since we saw a few mentions of reboots we wanted to check in. Did the system cache clear that one of you mentioned work for everyone? Is it still holding up?

We appreciate any feedback you can offer! 😊

Worked for me, no uncommanded reboots since.

After uninstalling the G cam app, it has been rock solid.  😊

I was running a  Gcamera ported software I uninstall it so far good. I will know better after the weekend if Oreo is running stable.

Yep, I tried the same thing. Lol. I thinking I'm joining Jump On Demand today and getting an S9 and getting rid of this phone. It has become a complete after thought for LG and T-Mo.