Oxygen 11 for OnePlus 7 and 7 pro

  • 27 March 2021
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Does anyone know an ETA for Android 11 for the 7 series of phones. Unlocked users are reporting that the rollout is starting to happen with some a few users. I am wondering how long it takes for T-Mobile units to get the update after the Normal unlocks units for normal oneplus updates. I've only been through one update (that was android 9 to 10) and it took forever. I don't know when the first unlocked units got the update so I don't know the buffer time I should expect. I'm not looking for a date because only oneplus has that, I'm just looking at an average roll out delay that most OnePlus phones have on T-Mobile.

1 reply

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OnePlus will get around to it once they finish fixing the bugs they pushed to the other variants.  Notification Dots don't work!  The sound max volume is about 30% lower than it was before the update.  There are some other minor issues with Dolby, the Visual voicemail integration, and more.  If it takes them a couple of months to fix all of that and more.  T-Mobile users should be very happy with the update.