People cant hear me on the phone

  • 15 September 2016
  • 3 replies

People can't hear me on the phone

3 replies


I cant hear anyone on my phone when i make calls, use facetime, google duo, etc.  Was working two days ago fine nothing happened between then and now except i cant hear people.  Also when I’m on youtube videos no longer will stream???  Any ideas what is going on?


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Hi @bigtim1974!  Just checking in to see if any of MC's suggestions were helpful.  Are you still having trouble?  Please let us know if you still need assistance!

- Marissa

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Oh boy, we definitely want you to be able to hear with your phone.

Are you using a Bluetooth or wired headset? If so, I'd disconnect it and try again. Also, If you have any cases or covers, I suggest taking it off the phone and seeing if that helps.

Keep us posted on this so we can resolve this.