phones not promised

  • 22 December 2021
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We have been jumping through hoops to get the deal we were told a couple months ago I'm getting our Galaxy note 10 Fixed with our protection plan so it was in perfect condition tperfect condition then we would be able to trade it in for the Galaxy note 20 plus ultra with $800 off during the migration during the migration. This has been validated over multiple chat rooms this has been validated over multiple calls and this has been validated in a store.. Yesterday the agent said she accepted the promotion for us so today when I called They said they would not honor it because it wasn't available. I was just told that I was offered the wrong offer. That is not our fault we would not have gone through paying for the repairs on the phones to be able to turn them in or anything like that and now it is a complete bait and switch.. We're waiting on the decision of the some sort of escalation department.  We have been in excellent standings with Sprint and been with them for about a decade and and if this does not work out like they promised and guaranteed the offer to us that we have done all this for even if we pay triple somewhere else we will go somewhere elsomewhere else. This is absolutely ridiculous..  I just got off another chat over a recent email that looked like they were confirming each person I spoke to that confirmed the discount. So I went into the chat and that's when the girl told me I was offered the wrong offer all this time this time period I said that is not my fault this was done over a secure is a secure verified connection by multiple people . Bait and switch is illegal.

1 reply

This is exactly what happened to me in September 2021.  They “repaired” two phones, S10, and S8, and then upgraded to S21 and S21 Ultra.  Then when none of the discounts applied I was told no such discount existed.  Of course now I am on the hook to pay full price for the two new phones and they walked off with my “resellable” devices never to be seen again.  They didn’t know where they were.  Many years as a Sprint customer without issue.  Then they told me I was being moved to T-Mobile, no choice.  That turned out to be a lie as well since I could have just stayed right where I was and let the Sprint plan ride along with my old devices. Now I’m paying $260 a month for B.S. coverage and horrible customer service and support.  But if you call them, they are the cheeriest, slap happiest folks on the planet.  Just don’t believe a word they say.  Still waiting on an email response from Late October, today is 12/22.