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Hello all,

I have a s6 edge I bought when the phone was released. I keep all my devices and was going back to use it for a little after about a few months of not using it and found the back cover pushed up due to the battery swelling. This, I believe, would normally be covered under warranty. The phone is over a year old though. Since I gave php premium handset protection with the extended warranty, is the phone still covered? I meant to ask this a while ago as I found my s5 doesn't do wireless charging anymore and the back cover works on another s5.


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Dang! First warranty claim in three years?? Wow. @stevetjr is correct. Your S6 Edge will still be covered but you'll need to show some usage on it. It can take anywhere from 24-72 hours to register usage then you'll be able to file a claim.

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From my understanding if you are still paying EIP or that is on an active line with PHP then yes.  One word of warning is that if you got that on EIP but are using another phone on that line, make sure to have that phone hit as the last phone to use it before you file the claim.

Yeah the phone isn't on eip and I'm more wondering about warranty than a claim. If I'm not mistaken, there should be an extended warranty for the phone and should mean an insurance claim right? Just need to get recent usage on it? This would be the first warranty claim for me in over 3 years.

yeah with PHP they are essentially the same just different deductible lol.  I believe you can do it on line or if you take it to a store they will file it for you. But I have heard folks getting burned because they are paying a PHP on a device/line but then using a different phone on it not the insured phone, so yes I would get it used on the line it was bought and insured on before filing.

Dang! First warranty claim in three years?? Wow. @stevetjr is correct. Your S6 Edge will still be covered but you'll need to show some usage on it. It can take anywhere from 24-72 hours to register usage then you'll be able to file a claim.

When you say claim, you mean warranty claim without deductible right?

Yes sir! 😊

Okay. Thank you for confirming. Going to see if I switch my Sim card and make sure it still turns in again. Looks a bit rough ha ha.

yes, you still file "a claim" just for defective device/extended warranty not damage and I think they charge like 5-15 bucks.

Since you haven't filed a claim in a while, I wanted to give you a heads up on a few things:

  • We now ship your exchange device to a local store vs mailing it directly to you
  • The warranty processing fee is now due at the time of pick-up vs being charged to your account

Yeah I just notice on the Assurant site you can't file it there.  I have always done it at the store anyway but interesting they now only ship to the store also but in some ways easier because now you don't have to deal with the hassle of shipping it back. 🙂

That's definitely one of the reasons for the change, @stevetjr. You also avoid receiving a damaged device and have to start the whole exchange process over again. You can also make sure the replacement device works as it should and eliminate the issue you were having with the defective device. There are a lot of pros but some people still prefer to have them shipped to their house (which can be done in super limited situations).

I agree and imagine the super limited is based on if you don't have a T-Mobile store anywhere close.

Now if they would just ship my S8 lol.  Or should clarify and say actually give it to UPS since it is boxed, labeled and ready to go and has been since Thursday.  Heck I even have my IMEI number already.........

I suspect now they are sitting on them and not releasing them to UPS because Samsung doesn't want them out that early but just my opinion lol.

Yeah in hoping for that soon too. If it has to go to a store I might just try and fix it myself. Closest store is about 20 miles away. Which isn't prohibitive but would spend more money then just replacing the battery on my own.

My understanding is that it's not just the battery but you lose the water proofing..   Also while of course it's a lottery but my step daughter dropped her 6edge and they didn't have any replacements so she got a S7e.  Cool part is she only had like 4 payments left on her 6 and that was 3 months ago so this month her S7e will paid off 🙂

@stevetjr, talk about a painful situation! 😉 Isn't it crazy how you already have the phone info and now you're just waiting on the phone? From the info that we've been given, it sounds like the earliest devices will arrive is the 20th. Fingers crossed that you get yours sooner.

@theartiszan, based upon how far away a store is, you may be able to have it shipped to you. I can't say for sure that they'll allow it but it won't hurt to ask.

Yeah I can ask you are right. I didn't think the s6 had water proofing? Forgotten benefit.

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It did not. They brought it back in the 7 because of all the fanfare it got not having it.

Water resistance is pretty much a need for me and phones at this point. 😕 I am sort of a phone abuser.