Pixel 3a call audio drops

I have a Google Pixel 3a that I bought from T-Mobile as soon as it came out.  Recently I have experienced audio drops where the caller on the other line can't hear me and it now happens to 100% of the calls that last more than 10 minutes.  These are not full call drops, Just a malfunction in the audio somehow. I  looked into Google forums and found out that many other users on T-Mobile who have the Pixel 3A are experiencing the same problem.  Has anyone else here in the T-Mobile community experience this?  I tried calling customer support but now they have covid 19 hours and are closed.  Any thoughts or help from the community would be appreciated or even anyone in T-Mobile for that matter.


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Can you give our Audio on calls troubleshooting | T-Mobile Support page a shot? It's got some helpful steps for issues like this.

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Hi there buddy, we can try to further isolate the problem by running the phone solely on 4G. You can change this by going to your settings Google Pixel 3a - Network Mode Settings. From a Home screen, swipe up to display all apps. > Mobile Network. Tap Preferred network type.

Now doing this will help you identify if you have a reception issue. You just need to make sure that you already performed all the basic troubleshooting stuff like Reset Network Setting and Software Version should be updated. Perform this and I will follow through this if it doesn't work.

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Have you checked the post above to see if that helps? Please let us know.

This is also happening on the One Plus 7T Pro 5G.  I've been experiencing a bunch of call drops.

Also, after the Android 10 Build number: 10.0.34.HD61CB released on April 24, 2020.... any incoming calls I can not hear the caller.  VERY ANNOYING.

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Can you give our Audio on calls troubleshooting | T-Mobile Support page a shot? It's got some helpful steps for issues like this.

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We're the troubleshooting steps Mike suggested helpful?

the Only way I know is to toggle the lte to 3G/2G. Then phone calls are perfect! But then what are we paying for LTE for then. I’ve resetted networks, toggled airplane mode, called google support, etc. I’ve even had google send me a new 3a from all the complaints I made. It continues to have audio issues. I’m about done with the phone.

I also have a Pixel 3a which randomly cuts out the same as the above. It does seem to quite an issue with t-mobile and the pixel 3a. I also received a new replacement and have the same issue.  Turning off Wi-Fi and switching to Lte has not worked. Google wants me to try a third one.  Beginning to think it’s a t-mobile issue. Has there been any updates to address this issue? We also have a couple iphones in the house that do not have this issue. 

Same problem here -  audio drops during call on pixel 3a.  

We need some answers!


I’m tired of this problem too. Nothing seems to help. 


We may have to get a lawyer for a Class Action Lawsuit.

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I’m tired of this problem too. Nothing seems to help. 


We may have to get a lawyer for a Class Action Lawsuit.



small pearl of wisdom… most companies have rules set in place for their sties main one would be if someone mentions lawyers/class action lawsuits you will be considered trying to take a legal route and you will no longer be dealing with any agents and they will just wait for your lawyer to contact their lawyers.. so tossing that out there will actually hinder you getting help instead of trying to scare them into helping you..


on top of that most carriers actually have a section in the papers you signed that states you will deal with them directly and not through class action.. this would be in the fine print that most people do not read because they just want to hurry up and be done

Business customer here and have two pixel 3a's on my account. We have call audio drop outs on both pixels....hmmmm.....once is a anomaly twice is a pattern and a problem. Crazy my employees have to use comms app as a work around to use new equipment on a new network that is a 5 month old problem. Phones purchased from TMO. Was not a byod


Tmo Mike, should I tweet @google & Tmo to escalate this? Thanks for your help

I also have calls dropping on tmobile with the pixel 3a.  I've tried resting everything and nothing is working. Tried turning off wifi calling but nothing. 

I will confirm what Magenta said, the only way to fix the problem with the audio drops on the pixel 3a is to change to 3g.  My phone works perfect then.  I do have to switch between Lte and 3g, one for online items and one to use the phone.  A total pain in the a##.  Not sure if it’s google or tmobile, either way now I understand why tmobile doesn’t carry the pixel 3’s anymore.

Someone mentioned that they were pretty sure it was the Pixel 3A speaker cutting out. When my audio just cut out, I plugged in my headphones and I could hear again. 

That doesn’t fix the problem, but might give you a work around.