Pixel 4a (5G) - 3 questions

  • 23 November 2020
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I stopped buying t-mobile phones because:

  1. Bloatware
  2. Security updates

I’ve had my ph-1 for almost 3 years now and love it.  Unfortunately essential went out of business and hence no security updates.  So when I saw the pixel 4a (5g) come out I thought ok, maybe time to upgrade.  Here are my questions about this phone:


  1. Is this an unlocked phone?
  2. Is there t-mobile bloatware?
  3. Where do security updates come from?  T-mobile directly or google?  If from t-mobile, how close are they to google’s monthly updates?


4 replies

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2- yes, I think there is 4-5 Tmobile apps.

3- I get my updates usually around the 5th of the month from Google on my 4XL.


Can you remove the t-mobile apps?

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Really haven’t tried.

The apps are  Tmobile Tuesday, Visual Voicemail , Tmobile and the Tmobile unlock app.

Not sure if the Tmobile Tuesday or the Visual Voicemail app migrated from my last phone.

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Bought from google - 

1 - not locked

2 - no T-mobile bloatware

3 - got update from google.