PIxel 4a 5G - New kid on the block by Google

  • 3 January 2021
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In a year full of uncertainty and challenges, Google launched 2 new contenders to the 5G race! The Pixel line has 2 new models, with both 4G and 5G models, the Pixel 5 and 4a (I really don’t understand why their numbering is tacky like that).

Anywho where were we… so T-Mobile only launched the 4a 5G however both 5 and 4a work with the T-Mobile network. Now we have that out of the way, let dig in shall we.


Front of the Device
Back of the device

Out of the box, the 4a feels like a premium phone. It is made out of plastic, but at first glance you will not see it that way. It does not feel that way either. The back of the body has a smooth finish with the finger print indentation in the middle and the camera block in the corner. It is by far the lightest phone I have held in a very long time. I am coming from a Pixel 4 XL, which is made out of glass, so naturally the 4a would feel lighter. It is also very slippery so don’t forget to get a nice case.

The screen is a beautiful 6.2” of edge to edge OLED display with a small camera cut out on the top left corner. It isn’t the 90 hz we are not used to with the 4 or the 5, naturally to balance the price, however the color reproduction is immaculate. I could not see much of a difference between 4 XL and 4a.

The innards aka the CPU is the latest Snapdragon 7 series or the 765G. Not the fastest one available, but it does the job well. I believe the availability of 5G for US carriers on the 765G was the motivation behind this choice for Google, and even the Pixel 5 also has the same chipset. I have been playing a lot of games on it lately and it can handle most of them comfortably.

Battery: I cannot say enough about how well above expectation is the battery life on this phone. Again coming from a Pixel 4XL - the 4a 5G easily outlasts its 1 yr older brother by almost double in my experience. I have been using it for over a month and I charge it every other day. Even as I am writing this, the phone is at 33% and I charged it the day before yesterday. Charging is another situation altogether. To get it charged “rapidly” you have to use the charger it came with. Any chargers at home that were Quick Charge 2.0 or the like did not work for me for “rapid” charging. But it charged nonetheless within 2 hrs without “rapid” so not bad, but would have preferred faster charging and compatibility with other QC capable chargers

For a sub $500, the specs are just right!

Now we can start talking about the camera. Google does spend a lot of time with their camera app and AI to make pics turn out better without a high-end camera lens. So let’s explore that shall we.

I have been super impressed with their night mode. It does require a steady hand to take these pics but as you can see in the pic above, the quality and details, without much light or the flash are amazing. 

Similarly it can handle day to day normal lighted pics with great tenacity. 

Again, you have to keep in mind that this is a sub $500 phone with 5G. 


Only thing I would change is that the back is really smooth and it gets slippery. I would purchase a case that would give you some grip on the phone.

Enjoy the phone if you buy it! Thanks!

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