Poor customer Service


I have spent almost 5 hours trying to get help with my Samsung A32.  The phone cuts people off.  I got the phone in November 2021 and this is May 2022.  Because I didn’t get the warranty they won’t help me.  Very poor customer service.  I’ve been a customer since 2002….yes….20 years with 6 lines.  Wow!  I even said I was going to switch carriers and the guy transferred me to customer service to do that.  Very sad that they don’t care.  

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Wow Im experiencing the same thing right now. Ive only been with T-Mobile for 3 months and I has been a nightmare dealing with tech and customer service to get this resolved. I have never been treated so badly by a company before. Switching to T-Mobile was the worst  mistake I have made as an adult consumer. 


I’m sorry Garrett9.  I can’t believe how inconsiderate and inept T-mobile handles its customer service.  I guess they must feel they have so many customers and make so much money they don’t need to be accommodating to everyone.  I think their motto is:  We don’t care!  You bought our service, now you are stuck!