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  • 23 August 2021
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Every half hour I get a popup message.  It says “T-Mobile keeps stopping”  and below that it has “App info”  and “Close app” first one takes me to the app page where I can do a “force stop”  (yes I tried that and it doesn’t stop the popup)  second option just closes the popup.  Then it comes back a few minutes later.  This is driving me nuts.

Things I’ve tried: restarted phone, deleted and reinstalled the app

I have a OnePlus Nord N200 5G

android version 11

Model DE2118


used 64 GB storage and have 37.24GB left

Anyone know whats going on?

Just noticed I’ve used 64GB in storage and I have 64 GB of ROM, could this be it even though I have 37GB left in storage?  Not tech savvy, which I’m sure is obvious!

32 replies


I have contacted then. Cleared data and catch restarted phone lots of times. I keep getting the pop ups T-Mobile has stopped working. Anyone get it fixed? Any ideas at first it was not annoying but now it's been a little over a month and it is now. Also my app cleaner pops up I click it to try and clean apps and it just shows the pop up again T-Mobile not working and then clears out the app cleaner but then now the app cleaner pops up at least 3-4 times a day and repeats the cycle. Then I get the pop up of TMobile not working in-between that. 

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Hi Krine143, It was really bad back when I first posted this but mine has since cleared and it isn’t happening anymore.Stay in touch with T-Mobile and let them know you are still getting it.  I hope it clears up for you soon.


@charjeanne thank you I went in a forced a stop on the app settings after I cleaned the catch and so far...(knock on wood) it has worked. 

I keep getting the popup mesage. "T-Mobile keeps stopping". It pops up every 15 to 20 seconds. I have tried several things but I am not doing a hard reset. I took it to a T-Mobile store and they could not figure it out. They told me to uninstall the app and reinstall it. I tried but it won't alow me to uninstall the app.

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Hank313 Make sure your phone has the latest updates and if that doesn’t stop it then contact TMobile online or by phone.  Stay in touch until it clears up.  That’s what I did.  Someone else in this group did a hard reset and it didn’t stop the popup.  

We have 2 lines on our account my phone is good,, the 2nd line just started getting this message today on a Galaxy S20 FE 5G.


Has there been any resolution?

This is driving me nuts it's been going on for a year! I have tried all the different tricks and called Tmobile and was told again to do said tricks and the most overused word of the 2020's besides cringe would be insert word ______  hack.🤬🤬 Stop it! Just stop it! I don't want a cookie cutter "hack" when it's not a 3rd party Apps like Door Dash, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. It's you the provider's App so just give me a straightforward solution for what is supposed to be by all these people dealing with same problem a straightforward service problem.  There's absolutely no excuse for a year to pass and I am still having this problem and it happening on my upgraded new phone while it happened on my old phone for it to transfer to my completely different new phone also considering the back doesn't even come off the phone (horrible design flaw seriously what are we doing Tmobile? Get your shit together. ) and it's prepaid so there shouldn't be a traditional sim card, so I am still not seeing the problem or better way of saying it I don't understand why this problem even exists. Finally back to my point (sorry about this ridiculous diatribe.) But the technical support shouldn't be trying to teach "hacks or ways to cut corners.) Again you provider me customer straight forward Transaction and should be a straight forward solution for what seems like a straight forward problem. (Sorry about the overuse of straight forward, but just trying to get a point across that I shouldn't even be having to make.) So yeah Tmobile I've already got your next 5-year New Years resolution lined out, right? Just be a better freaking company. The company that me, my friends, and all of my family members enthusiastically joined, because your reputation was so stellar! So yeah anyways, yeah ya'll can keep my soap box hope I won't need it again it regards to this specific issue and Tmobile doesn't fix this then we keep doing what we have been doing and cause a ground swell and changes will happen. Ok everybody I am exhausted literaturely.(see just making up words. This is what burntout looks like kids )😉