Purchased Samsung S21 FE directly from Samsung

  • 12 January 2022
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Hi Everyone,

I just purchased my wife a Samsung S21 FE directly from Samsung, as they were offering free Galaxy earbuds with the order. My wife presently has a Samsung S8. Can I take the SIM Card from the S8 and put it in the new S21 FE phone? Suspect would then have to call Tmobile customer support to change the EIN number. Do I have to call Tmobile or go to a store to get a new SIM card? Something else? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

4 replies

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cant remember if the S8 was 5G or not..but if it was not then no you would need a different sim card


Thanks for the reply. The phone is not 5G so I will contact T-mobile to get a new SIM card. 

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yeah so you’ll need a sim that handles 5G as well..if its anything like the one im running in my V60 it’ll be a R15 or maybe it was a R115...

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You will still get service with the new device with your old SIM.  You just more than likely won’t be able to access 5G until you do get a new SIM.