random chrome browser pop ups

  • 17 December 2020
  • 2 replies


After the new update today my s20+5g, chrome browser will randomly have tabs open to random sites.  I tried clearing history,  closed all tabs, turned off sync.. not sure what's going on. After 30 mins or so I'll click chrome and a random page opens up. Any ideas?

2 replies

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also try to make sure the Chrome app itself is also up to date..might be conflicting somehow.


I would expect that of push notifications on the browser, but usually those get caught up in the notifications instead of passing right along to the browser.  Is there any consistency among the pages (e.g. are they all commercial, things you bookmarked. all topical, all citing the same ad network names?) Sounds like time to run some Kaspersky antivirus thing, can’t tell…


What about promiscuous WiFi, is it maybe cued to passing by the W or a Marriott, or cool new city WiFi ‘authenticating’ via webpage?


Maybe browser default’s set to something that’s making a middleman of itself rather than Chrome? (Opera browser shenanigans? Chrome homepage set to Chaos Reading Club or Offers By Samsung?)