Razr 5G Unlock

  • 12 October 2021
  • 4 replies


Cannot unlock my Razr 5G 2020. Tech support has tried several times. Phone is fully eligible to be unlocked, yet never works. Anyone had any success unlocking these new razr flip phones? 

4 replies

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what issue is being ran into? and have you contacted TMO through either Facebook or Twitter? higher tier support so they might be able to pull off what the call in tier 1 support cant/couldnt


The unlock screen never changes, unlock is always grey’d out (unclickable) even with the new carrier sim card. I have not gone through FB to contact them, but I will try. Thank you.

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no worries...the FB/Twitter route is usually the most recommended due to their success rates.

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Have you met all of the SIM unlock requirements?,...%204%20Getting%20Help.%20...%205%20Important.%20