RCS file size limitations

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OnePlus 6T.

RCS is enabled in stock messenger.

File size is set to up to 10.24GB.

Video is only 70MB, but is "too large to send."

Have tried All Files size, original, and Best Available as well.

Best I can do is 720p at 20 sec.

Still compresses the file into less than 600KB.

What am I missing here?


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Since Android messages has the same file size limit it only makes sense to use that app because there is no limit on the character count. Plus it has many more features. It's also available device to device vs. Proprietary T-Mobile Advanced messaging.

It's unfortunate that the wording has created the confusion that we see throughout all of the forums and communities through various sources. However in the end it only works on T-Mobile to other T-Mobile devices with that proprietary functionality.

Until there is cross-carrier full compatibility where people can send large files without having to send a link to cloud drives of some sort or another it really is just the best option.

I myself feel kind of like a fool for making a deal out of the situation when there's really nothing you can do about it as a customer.

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T-mobile on Twitter/FB regarding RCS:

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on Facebook! I can confirm that this is a wide-spread issue with the OnePlus 6t, just as you've seen yourself online!

What we're really waiting for is OnePlus to come up with a patch or update to correct this, and as soon as they release it to us, we'll make sure you get it!

So there's that.

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I suppose the situation is becoming worse because at this point nobody is going to check the replies and updates on this thread because nobody really interacts with the T-Mobile community anymore. However RCS is still not working. I've moved on to a Samsung S10e. What I find interesting with this situation is that you can receive up to 3 MB but you can only send up to 1 MB. and if most all carriers are set up the same way then really the weak link in the chain is always going to be the sending size. this means nobody will ever send or receive anything over when megabyte. almost to say that the 3 MB receiving limit is useless.

Is 20/20 and we can have a full-on global virus that seems to be working but we can't get a little bit of communication software to work correctly.

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there is currently no interloping between carriers.  US carriers are supposed to be working on setting this up, but there hasn't  been much word on it.

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Well obviously I can use stock messaging on my Samsung to another T-Mobile Samsung user and chat works okay. I can use Android messages with a Pixel 3 user on Verizon and it works. Obviously those are two different services and two different carriers but yeah still broken.

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It'll remain broken until there is interloping.  Right now it's tied within carriers, or within Google.