Reboot phone regularly?

  • 6 September 2021
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"Can't make or a receive calls? Try rebooting your phone.  That usually fixes it."

How is this an acceptable answer in this day and age?!?

P.S. Rebooting did resolve the phone call issue where there was no sound.  

3 replies

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Rebooting your phone is a good idea every few days. As is rebooting any computer. If you have to reboot every hour, there’s another problem. In this case, I’d start by doing a reset on the phone and see if the problem persists in a factory configuration. If could be because of an app you loaded. Diagnose the problem in a step-wise progression. 


You'd be surprised how many times turning a device off, waiting 30 seconds, then turning the device back on resolves an issue. Most people don't realize that their phone is a tiny computer and it needs to be rebooted periodically. It's a good idea to, at the very least, restart your device daily.


When I worked at another very large telecommunications company, I was surprised that part of SOP was to reboot the servers for all the web operations every night.  I sort of agree that good coding throughout (i.e. application code, middleware and OS) should make this unnecessary but until that perfect world occurs, it makes sense to do this on computers, routers and phones.


Two years ago I was on a plane waiting on the runway, and the captain said that there was a small computer problem, so we would be delayed while they turned it off and on again.  That didn’t make me feel very great, but apparently it worked.   So if they do it for that…..