Recover files from broken touch screen phone

  • 20 February 2021
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My Samsung Galaxy A20 has a non working touch screen. I filed a claim and paid a $49 deductible to replace my device. There are files on my broken phone that I want to recover. I have to send the device back to tmobile when the new one arrives to avoid being charged a $900 fee. I cant call tomobile support or make it to the store right now. Tmobile just seems to be unwilling to help me with my problem. How can I get the files off of my old phone? It is ridiculous to say its not possible.

2 replies

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If the actual screen still works.  Connect it to a PC when the device is booted into Android.  You should be able to access the device to copy the files over.  Otherwise, take it to one of those third party kiosks or cellphone repair shops.  

Hi your files should all be backed up onto your google account. So you just go to the backup section on new device and click on restore if this doesn't work use a usb cord plug into busted device powered on and new device using a file explorer and locate your files and simply move or copy to a folder on new device. Hope this help.