return a financed device after the 14 day period?

  • 24 March 2023
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Does anyone know if there are any options to return a financed device only used for a few months in excellent condition to T-Mobile without having to pay it off?  I know that I can pay it off and then sell it, but was wondering if there was any other option. 


I have the S23 Ultra and just bought an unlocked Pixel 7 Pro.  Just don’t like the massive size of the S23 Ultra, it’s too bulky for my taste. 


I suppose I could have done an “upgrade” through T-Mo instead of buying the P7P outright unlocked, but the price I got for a new P7P was better than what was on offer. 

2 replies

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You're on the hook for paying it off if you're after the 14 day period.

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you can always try selling it to offset the cost..just keep in mind that you’ll need to pay it off, have it on the TMO network for at least 40 days and then have it unlocked prior to handing it over to someone else.