Revll 4 notifications

  • 25 March 2021
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I just bought a Recall 4 recently. My coverage is through Metro PCS. I like the phone except the notifications such as "Phone call ended" or "Message limit of characters has been reached" when these pop up they seem to stay for anywhere from 2-5 minutes!! If I'm using my keyboard to type or reading something or even playing a game I cannot see the bottom line of my screen! I've tried swiping them. I have pressed the power button waited for at least 30 seconds or more pressed power button again and it is still there!  I have powered phone down waited for 30 seconds up to five minutes before powering it back up & it is STILL there!! It's very aggravating that I cannot go from one activity to another!! Someone PLEASE help before I decide to just not have a phone again forever!! I don't like the choices that are out there anymore!!! 


1 reply


I apologize!  I have a Revll 4!