Revvl reviews

  • 23 January 2018
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How do you like(?) your Revvl?

4 replies

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Hey there!

Did you have any specific questions about the Revvl? 😊


Here's my opinion of my Revvl after five months of daily use. It marks my return to Android after my introduction with the Moto2. I came to this phone from the Nokia 925 and Microsoft 640.

The screen and camera are both fine, nothing particularly good or bad about either component. With a case on the phone, GPS doesn't work well. Bluetooth isn't stable and often requires a restart to get it to successfully pair with many devices (headsets, cars, portable speakers, etc.) Battery life is fair at best and with average use to text, read email and running a few apps, it will run about 15 hours. Bluetooth, when it's working is a huge battery hog (approaching 1/3 of the consumption observed). The fingerprint reader works well. The phone doesn't support NFC which means no Android Pay tap-to-pay.

T-Mobiles lack of transparency about Oreo ever being available for this device (manufactured by Alcatel for T-Mobile) is also frustrating and concerning and doesn't give me any hope that anything beyond Android 7.1 will ever be available for this device.

Based on the specifications provided by T-Mobile, the phone lacks 3G and 4G support on non-North American bands. Most notably lacking band 1 UMTS. This would mean that this phone simply will not work in Japan, South Korea and Singapore; and would provide a poor experience in most other countries where 2G is being depreciated (see It also does not support the 600 MHz and 700 MHz frequencies.

Worst phone I have ever owned have had nothing but trouble with them switched over from boost mobile to T-Mobile was the worst mistake I have ever made these phones were supposed to be free (revvl) and I have been paying on the junk phone for months I have had cheap phones and this is worst than any of them and I am paying $70 dollars more than if I would have stayed at boost mobile who had much better service.....


How do I file a bug report for this Android build? I have a REVVL 4+.

Haven’t noticed Bluetooth or power troubles, but I may or may not have a case that makes the firmware anxious of ever getting out of pocket mode (so far no actual problems.) Says Android 10 (Quince?)


I was alarmed that Alarmy, a really reliable alarm clock (with pay subscription available if you’re a REALLY sound sleeper,) never had alarms go off. The app’s test alarms work, Shake to dismiss works. I don’t have MP3s of silence around...pretty sure!

I tried Smart Manager both off (and notifications allowed and not) and on. No alarms.

I tried telling Battery Manager to take a hike. No alarms.

With both of those backed off:

I tried setting an alarm 1 minute ahead.  Success!

I tried setting an alarm 4 minutes ahead.  Success!

I tried setting an alarm farther ahead: Failure! Not acceptable!

I tried setting an alarm with Google Assistant. Fine, but it’s not Alarmy working.

I like that I got an update to this phone recently but there are major issues to basic Android performance and (since it’s only been a month) I’d like to swap my plan over to the Free-in-24-mos.-OnePlus 8+ deal, pretty please.