revvl v +5g bluetooth

  • 18 October 2021
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I have two REVVL V +5G phones and neither will connect to my car via bluetooth. Phone paired to Lincoln o.k., but when I try to play Amazon music, it will play for a few seconds, then the car says it has an unstable connection. The phone then says an untrusted device wants to access the phone and asks if I will allow the car permission to view phone and contacts, which I do. Then the cycle starts again. The car uses SYNC3 and all prior phones worked fine, ar has no “line-in” jack, but can a usb port be used somehow?

7 replies

Issue cropped up when Android updated Ver 11 on Aug 24.  Isn’t a Ford problem, but specific to certain phones, one being REVVL + 5G.  Other phones work fine with Sync 3 and my REVVL +5G.  Can’t use phone hands free and people are reporting it’s a safety issue because of it.  I’m trying to work through local store to see if I can get my money back.  Motorola also getting complaints.  See Motorola Community Peer to Peer Forums.

I am having the same issues with my new REVVL V+ 5G and Sync3.  I’ve updated Sync3, paired then deleted the devices from my phone and Sync numerous times.  They will not maintain a stable connection.

Has anyone resolved this issue, traded for a different, reasonably priced phone that works, or are we all waiting on TMobile to update our phones to Android 12?



Guess we wait for upgrade to android 12. Meantime, I connected using a usb cable and set up Android Auto to get Amazon Music and a couple other apps to appear on the Sync3 screen. Had to turn off bluetooth in the car settings to stop getting the “unstable” message, but the music screens are very nice to use. Made a phone call using “hey google”, but the sound did not come out in the car. Probably just need to mess around to correct that later. Hope this helps!

Brand new REVVL V+ 5G with software security update 2/5//2022 still has same Bluetooth connection problem with Ford Sync3, 2019 Escape Non Nav.  Sync 3 updated by dealer.  Nobody has an answer to the connection problems.  Phone works fine with other cars.

I’m having the same issues with my Ford Sync and the Revvl phone. Tried customer service a few times.  Went into the store a few times….no answers.  Its a shame because I really like the phone otherwise, but the car connectivity may be a deal breaker if its not fixed soon. 


I have exactly the same issue with my Revvl V+ and my 2017 Ford F-350 Sync system.   All other phones work well with SYNC 3.0 and my Revvl works fine with my wife’s 2020 Subaru Outback.  Very frustrating, as I thought it was a SYNC issue and the Ford is my car, so can’t use my phone at all.  Unable to go hands-free in this situation.   Waiting for the Android 12 update is going to be frustrating, as we don’t have a timeframe for that or even know if it will address the issue.   Has any acknowledgement on this issue come out of T-Mobile or Motorola?  Are there any work arounds that actually work?

Unable to connect my 2019 Honda Fit to my REVVL V+5G.  Very annoying