Revvl V+ 5G is randomly deleting contacts

  • 18 November 2021
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Have had my new Revvl V+ 5G phone for about 2 months now, and for the most part, it is GREAT! However, every once in a while, I’ll notice some of my contacts go missing. (I first noticed when the text messages from my husband stopped showing his name and just the phone #. It then happened for some of my co-workers, a couple of friends, etc.) And it isn’t a one-time occurrence, this is randomly happening every week or two. Any thoughts as to why, or how to correct? Thanks!

8 replies

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you can try booting the phone into safe mode and running it for a week or so to see if it still happens or not..if it doesnt then the issue is more than likely being caused by an app you have downloaded..if it still happens even while in safe mode then you might opt to perform a factory reset on the phone and then set it all back up to see if it clears the problem. the phone is fully up to date update wise correct?


Thanks so much for this info. I hadn’t even thought about apps affecting data on my phone, such as contacts. The only apps I’ve downloaded in the last couple of months have been travel related (airlines, hotel and rental car apps), so that is disappointing if true. I’ll definitely give the safe-mode a try. I appreciate the suggestion!

I am having the same issue with revvl v 5g deleting contacts and also random text msgs is anyone else having this problem and how can it be fixed. No new apps have been downloaded and its all up to date. 

There's a Feb 5 system update if you haven't already downloaded it.  When I first did I lost access to my microSD data formatted as additional phone memory.  I appear to have lost at least one contact in the past few months but it is unclear how...


Same thing with me only after getting this phone. It also randomly sends my gps location in texts to people and I have the settings turned off.

If nobody has a fix for this I'm trading phone in for a Samsung. This Revvl is a horrible. Lost numbers now of people across the country that I have no idea how to contact now.

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just a FYI if your contacts are backed up on your google account you can retrieve them from there.

The same thing is happening with TMobile Revvl V+ 5G. It is deleting contacts of mine - which are also being deleted in my Google account. I've had certain contacts repeatedly deleted where I create a new contact and they disappear again! I've noticed it is usually contacts I contact more recently. I haven't noticed older contacts. Several contacts deleted are ones I'm texting with in addition to calling.

There is something wrong with this phone's operating system software or with sync? Is it a virus?

This is very upsetting as it is deleting them from my Google Contacts as well - I don't have them written down.

just a FYI if your contacts are backed up on your google account you can retrieve them from there.

It's deleting them from Google Contacts as well