S20 FE

  • 18 December 2020
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My new S20 FE phone won’t backup on the Google Drive unless I deactivate my screen lock.  From what I see on the internet this has been a problem for a while with some Android phones.  Does anyone know whether this has been fixed?  I called T-mo yesterday and they spoke to Samsung and they say the problem is fixed.  Since I am able to reproduce this -- I was wondering if any other users are experiencing.





1 reply


The story goes on.  I had the phone forget my network and still had the problem. 


T-mobile sent me another phone and same problem occurred.  We called Samsung and they instructed me to go the UbreakIfix store in my area to get a diagnostic.  The first employee in the store was quite difficult and after a few choice words, the second employee came out and at least showed interest in seeing my phone.  When we hooked up to the store network, the google drive update was working with the screen lockouts in place.  I again had the phone forget my home wifi and reconnected.  It now works fine on my network with the screen locks on.  I can only conclude that there is a bug in the software during the setup process.  I didn’t set up locks during the setup process -- maybe that was it.  I also could have tried (but didn’t think of it) my 2Ghz network - wondered if that would have worked as well.