S20+ Get Knocked Off The Nerwork

  • 18 October 2020
  • 2 replies

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So when I have network mode set to 5G it works for a while and then I get kicked off the network and the only way to get back on is to reboot,  First Tmobile said it was Sim care, replaced, same issue.  Then they said it was the phone, they replaced it same issue. Then the said it was the 5G connection in my area and if I set it to LTE it should work.  This worked.  Why did I spend money for a 5G phone that 5G does not work on.  Why did Tmobile advertise a product to sell it but what they were using to sell it does not work.  Is this really the issue or does it have something to do with the Sprint Carrier app that they installed without my permission?

2 replies


i have seen this on both 5g and Lte phones, from one plus, umidigi, and it is not just samsung.

i suspect it is a snapdragon chip issue, not the phone or carrier issue. 

my mediatek 5g phone never has an issue.

I have the brand new Galaxy S21 Ultra and this happens to me too. It switches back to 4G and I have to do a network reset to get 5G back even tho it displays 5G at the top. (I can tell because there is a vast speed test difference and also speedtest tells me if im on 5G or not)  The tech support advised me to do this twice when I called.  Not good since I upgraded to this phone and magenta max to avoid this kind of crap… 

Resetting the network wouldn’t even be the worst thing except it also deletes all my wifi network logins and bluetooth pairings etc.  This needs a better solution.