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  • 13 January 2022
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I have an S20 Ultra, originally purchased through AT&T. I had paid off the phone and had them unlock it. I now have Tracfone (through T-Mobile) lifeline service. I am just wondering which carrier would be the one to send out the android 12 update to my phone. Would it be AT&T or T-Mobile?


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5 replies

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depends on whos sim card you have in the this case TMO...well Straight talk...if you still have the old ATT sim card and if they already released it you could pop the ATT sim card in and load it that way..personally i tend to wait for the one from my specific carrier but thats me.


Thank you. I unfortunately don't have the original Sim for this phone but I do have the note 10 phone that has the att Sim still in it. Not sure if that will work but I may try it later and see what happens.

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for some OS updates are pretty high on their needs list..personally i tend to wait a week or so after its launch to see how many people run into issues with it and if im wanting to pull the trigger on it or hold off and avoid whatever is going on with it..


i know the original 12 update that was pushed to i think it was Verizon was soft bricking phones..they pulled the update then later on once the problem was figured out a replacement update was pushed..i think it was V...could have been ATT..cant remember now..



I tried the AT&T Sim but unfortunately still says device is up to date. Oh well lol. Thanks for the suggestion though! Worth a shot.


The Note 10+ is on AT&T and it took the 12 update well. No issues with the update 👍 just waiting for the s20 ultra to get it.