S21 Ultra Loses Data 4g/5g but not texting or calls after update

  • 14 January 2022
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Runing a Galaxy S21 Ultra T-Mobile (SM-G998U)

My phone pulled down the latest T-Mobile update yesterday around 10am EST time Installed it. Since then I have lost all data connectivity unless using Wi-Fi, texting and phone calls are fine.


I tried the troubleshooting below:


Power off/Power On

Pulled the sim card (while off and On

Changing the network modes to LTE/3g and LTE/3G/2G

Manually creating an APN with IPV4/IPV6

Manually Selecting Networking operators (also tried AT&T then back to T-Mobile)

Did some errands in other towns to confirm it is not a tower problem other phone in the house does have 4g/5g full signal. My phone does have full bars as well just missing the 4G/5G symbol.

1 reply

I have the same issue with my S21FE and now my S21FE. Only solution I can find that consistently works is turning airplane mode on then off.

Hopefully they figure something out. 

Good luck