S21 Ultra Question

  • 14 January 2021
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Looking to trade in my S20 Ultra 512 for the new S21 Ultra and it keeps giving me 525 as my trade in credit not the full 800. How do I get the full 800 do I need to do the order via phone or in store to get the full promo?

5 replies

Same question - getting 250 for my Note 10 as well.

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Trade-in credit is not a guaranteed amount.  If you read the fine print and terms and conditions, it states that the credit is up to $800.  The quote it is giving you is what you will receive if your device is appraised at when received by the trade-in center.  Even at the amount quoted, your device you are trading in can still be appraised at a lower value.


So I’m trading in the top possible choice and still won’t get the full 800. So really it’s not 800 they just say that to lure you in. Got it. Thanks.

No. 😁 I'm a T-Mobile employee. The $525 you're seeing is the fair market value of your device without a promotion attached to it. If for some reason the necessary criteria for a promotion is not met, promotional credits will stop and the FMV is what will be given for the device. However, for this particular promo, as long as there is no physical or liquid damage and the liquid damage indicator is not tripped or missing and the device is fully paid off, the full $800 credit will be given. If you go to a store, they can check all of this for you and pre-order the new device to make sure the process is completed correctly. 💟

You are always better off selling your old devices on facebook marketplace or other ways.    Cell companies are never fair with their trade in value