S22 camera taking photos upside down or sideways

  • 29 September 2022
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I've had my s22 for a while and I'm a reseller so I take a lot of photos with it everyday. 90% of my photos come out sideways or upside down and thus far I have just taken the time to rotate them, which is incredibly annoying and time consuming. Today it occurred to me that maybe there was a problem with my phone or one of my settings was incorrect, so I decided to come on here and see if you guys have any solutions that may help me. I have tried everything I can think of and I've even tried holding the phone at different angles but nothing works. Sometimes the photos are rotated left, sometimes right and sometimes upside down. I don't remember a time when it ever took photos with the correct orientation. Thanks in advance for your help

1 reply

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mind running it down on what all you have attempted on your side so your not ran through the same things again?


cleared data and cache from the camera app by chance? nothing else runs into this app wise correct? if you have Facebook messenger pull it up and click on the camera part and take a pic..does it do the same thing with it as well or no? if not then its something happening with the camera app itself. if its happening elsewhere with other apps then you might opt to boot the phone into safe mode to see if it starts working again..if this makes it work then its a rogue/funky app in there creating the problem.